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His cloak was flung over one shoulder, and his action intimated his readiness to wrap it about his left arm, while he unsheathed his sword with his right. "I have fought for his father and his grandsire," that was all he said, "and by Saint Andrew, end the matter as it will, I will not fail him at this pinch."

There would be no need for him to plan and pinch and despair; no need for faltering over odd shillings and calculating odd pence; he could marry her in an hour if she cared for him, and he could surround her with luxuries, and dress her like a queen, and make her happy, as she deserved to be.

Hurrying back to camp, I loaded a cartridge lightly with a pinch of dust shot, spread some crumbs near the big log behind my tent, squeaked the call a few times, and sat down to wait. "These mice are strangers to me," I told Conscience, who was protesting a little, "and the woods are full of them, and I want that trout." In a moment there was a rustle in the mossy doorway and Tookhees appeared.

"'You're right, of course, says Mr. Van, slow. 'It was a low thing to do a cad's trick. No wonder you English are so rotten superior. You don't need brains the right thing's bred into your bones. Your tempers never show you up. We revert to the gutter at the pinch. "'Oh, I say! That's bally nonsense! says the English gink. 'I would have done the same thing.

"And yet a little knowledge of a few peculiar facts a pinch of history yet, once again, who shall be blamed? Who can be fairly asked to possess that pinch of history which means so much in this room?" "How could history have helped us, signor?" asked Henry Lennox. "I shall tell you. But history is always helpful.

"Do not speak of colour, child. What expressions you pick up from Afra, and such people! It is our distinction that we have no colour that we are white." "That is the distinction of the nuns, I know; but I hoped it was not mine yet. I do not forget how you pinch my cheek sometimes, and talk about roses." "What is there?

And the top of the springs of the year to-morrow. Are ye daft, or all gone upon the spree, my men? Your fathers would 'a knowed what the new moon meant. Is this all that cometh out of larning to read?" "Have a pinch of 'bacco, old man," said one, "to help you off with that stiff reel. What consarn can he be of yourn?" "Don't you be put out, mate," cried another.

He recognized a phase of his own contempt for customary paths, accepted limitations and proprieties. "Remember David's Quaker training," he told her in his habitual air of jest. "David's been to London," she replied. "I saw him pinch the Appletofft girl at the farm."

Miller took a pinch of snuff reflectively, and wondered what Tom Esterworth would "cut up for." "But I am determined," said Mrs. Miller, ere she closed the discussion, "I am determined that I will do better for Geraldine."

And it was in respect of this latter demand that Diana found the matrimonial shoe begin to pinch. To her, it seemed as though Adrienne were for ever 'phoning Max to come and see her, and invariably he set everything else aside even Diana herself, if needs be and obeyed her behest. "I can't see why Adrienne wants to consult you so often," Diana protested one day.