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"He was not coming to you personally at all you were to be arrested." "What! He knew me then?" "I am not sure some one did, and mentioned his suspicions. Captain Grant was glad enough of an excuse, no doubt, but he," the soft voice faltering, "he made a mistake in twitting me for being friendly toward you." "And you came to warn, to save me!" I exclaimed, pressing her hand.

Now he would stride off ten or twelve steps with strange velocity, then pause, and stand quite motionless for perhaps a minute’s space, and then again resume his walk with slow and faltering gestures, to burst forth once again, as at the instigation of some goading spirit, to the same short-lived energy and speed.

"Yes, Curtis; you and Florence are equally dear to me, and it is my hope that you may be united. In that case, there will be no division of my fortune. It will be left to you jointly." "Believe me, sir," said Curtis, with faltering voice, feigning an emotion which he did not feel, "believe me, that I fully appreciate your goodness. I am sure Florence joins with me "

So it was no great marvel to me, when one day, not long after my first appearance at the windowsill, I saw the poor woman come into the room with a very faltering step, and a whiter, sicklier look on her wan face than was usual to it. She threw herself wearily down upon her bed in the corner, and panted for breath.

He told her in a faltering voice. She received it very quietly, even with a little, queer, twisting laugh. "I thought he wouldn't. Was Lady Tranmore there?" The Dean replied that Lady Tranmore had been there. "Ah, then, of course there was no chance," said Kitty. "When one is as good as that, one never forgives." She looked up quickly. "Did William say he forgave me?" The Dean hesitated.

Then she would lean on his shoulder and return to the cottage with him, and the boy was very glad he could thus support his darling mother and assist her faltering steps. But one day a great misfortune came upon them, since it is true that no life can be so happy but that sorrow will creep in to temper it.

He spoke her name with faltering tenderness, and led her out into the path. "You must go," she still persisted. "With you yes," he answered. She surrendered to the determination in his voice and they moved slowly along the path, listening for any sound that might come from ahead of them. Nathaniel had already formed his plan of action.

"Much nearer than you think. Drew!" Alf still lay behind the bush near the edge of the cliff. He was still present mainly because he had not courage enough to run away. "Drew!" Tom repeated, this time speaking sharply, for he guessed that the cigarette fiend was shaking in his boots. "Yes, sir," piped the faltering voice of Alf. "Drew, run to camp as fast as you can.

Does it really prove that they have passed from death unto life? Love that can not endure hardness, misrepresentation, neglect, and such things, and still be sweet and strong, needs to be increased. Love makes service sweet, sacrifice easy, and meek endurance possible. Love enriches, ennobles, and blesses. It sweetens the bitter cup: it lightens the heavy load. It strengthens the faltering soul.

Stopping, she pulled out her watch and looked at it, while he, faltering up to the verge which she had pointed out, followed her movements with strange intensity as she went on to say in explanation of her act: "The time is important, on account of a certain demonstration I am anxious to make. You will remember that I was expecting to see John, having heard his voice in the ravine.

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