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They were healthy times, healthy for mind and body. To watch his activities was to marvel that he still retained the grossness of figure he so deplored. A number of canoes were moored at the Mission landing. Others were secured at piles driven into the banks of the river. These were the boats of the Indians and half-breeds who came to trade their summer harvest at the old post.

But such was the number of those assembled that they flowed in and flowed in for hours, till it was a marvel that the Circus could hold such a countless multitude. The roars of wild beasts, catching the exhalations of people, grew louder. While taking their places, the spectators made an uproar like the sea in time of storm.

Two hours passed before Arthur Miles awoke. The sun had climbed over the low cliff to the eastward of the cove, and shone on his lids. It seemed to him that his feet were lying in water. So indeed they were, for the tide had risen and .was running around his ankles. But while he sat up, wondering at this new marvel, Tilda gave a cry and pointed. The boat had vanished.

We entered the nuptial chamber; it was as coquettish as possible, refreshing to the eye, snug, elegant, and adorned with fine Louis XVI furniture, upholstered in Beauvais tapestry. The bed, above all, was a marvel of elegance, but to tell the truth I had no idea of it till a week later.

"Miss Jean, it's a marvel to me that you have anything left belonging to you." "Don't call me Miss Jean!" "Jean, then; but you must call me Pamela." "Oh, but wouldn't that be rather familiar? You see, you are so so " "Stricken in years," Pamela supplied. "No but well, you are rather impressive, you know. It would be like calling Miss Bathgate 'Bella' to her face. However Pamela "

Marvel was very stylish, with five flounces to her dress, a veil, and a parasol. Meanwhile, Lady Isabel sat down and burst into bitter tears and sobs. A chill had come over her; it did not seem like coming to East Lynne. Mr. Carlyle entered and witnessed the grief. "Isabel!" he uttered in amazement, as he hastened up to her. "My darling, what ails you?"

There was only one person in the village who had actually known Luella Miller. That person was a woman well over eighty, but a marvel of vitality and unextinct youth. Straight as an arrow, with the spring of one recently let loose from the bow of life, she moved about the streets, and she always went to church, rain or shine.

Justice Bramber won't mind whether you rest in your bed or not, nor yet the Secretary of State. 'Sir John Joram began Bagwax. In these discussions Sir John Joram was always his main staff. 'Sir John Joram has got other fish to fry before this time. It's a marvel to me, Bagwax, that they should give way to all this nonsense.

The critics, with scarcely a dissenting voice, had declared the pig a marvel, a profound embodiment of talent, one of the wonders of the age; an animal possessed of such rare gifts that no lover of the curious in natural history should lose the opportunity of witnessing his performances.

"I'm putting all the accounts straight, and paying all the bills to date, so that Lily won't have any trouble while I'm laid up," she beamed. Stefan stared uncomprehendingly for a moment, then burst into half- hysterical laughter. "Oh, you marvel," he gasped, "goddess of efficiency, unshakable Olympian! Bills! And I thought you were writing me a farewell message." "Silly boy," she replied.