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There was nothing further to attract me at Brunswick, and I thought of spending the summer at Berlin, which I concluded would be more amusing than a small provincial town. Wanting an overcoat I bought the material from a Jew, who offered to discount bills of exchange for me if I had any.

He did not listen to a word she said, and she left him at last with a sigh, and went to get him his breakfast. When she returned, she brought him his letters with his tea and toast. He told her to take them away: she might open them herself if she liked; they could be nothing but bills!

And now with your Formulas and Reform Bills, the whole matter, sorely won by our swords, shall again launch itself to sea; become a mere hope, and likelihood, small even as a likelihood? And it is not a likelihood; it is a certainty, which we have won, by God's strength and our own right hands, and do now hold here.

By mere mistake a Bill, slightly and necessarily amended by the Lords, was not sent down to the Commons, although directions to that effect were given, and it by accident was placed amongst the Bills ready for the Royal assent. So it received the Royal assent. It became necessary to pass a Bill to make this Bill valid in law.

Wherefore Maitre Victor-Ange-Hermenegilde Doublon summoned David Sechard before the Tribunal of Commerce in Angouleme for the sum-total of four thousand and eighteen francs eighty-five centimes, the amount of the three bills and expenses already incurred.

Some of Hammond's work, which he had been showing me, was scattered over the floor, and he stepped among the litter and came and looked through the window with me. "A funny thing happened to me here," he said, "the other evening. A pal of mine died. The bills which advertise for the recovery of his body you can see 'em in any pub about here call him Joseph Cherry, commonly called Ginger.

That the only name you got, Mr. Lizard?" "That's all just the Lizard. Now I gotta be beatin' it." "Goin' to crack a box?" asked Jimmy. The other smiled his lip smile and turned toward the door. "Wait a second," said Jimmy. "What would you have gotten on this watch of mine?" "It would have stood me about twenty bucks." Jimmy reached into his pocket and drew forth a roll of bills.

We follow'd therefore, and being led among those bills, we saw many of both sexes at work in the cells, so much every of them seem'd to have taken a provocative.

When the other members of the committee, with a strange blindness to their own interests, proposed that for the present, Kean's name should be removed from the bills, Byron interested himself on his behalf: "You have a great genius among you," he said, "and you do not know it." On Kean's second appearance the house was nearly doubled.

In fact, the amount of liquor he would swill on this and on the many subsequent occasions he intruded his presence upon us, was a caution. “We paid our little bill without grumbling, though the presence of the fourth man at our table had added rather heavily to the addition, as they call bills at French restaurants. “We sallied forth into the street to get a whiff of fresh air.