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For nothing is to be considered in all these inventions, except that which has been attributed to persons or to things. Wherefore it will be necessary that the invention and the high polish which ought to be given to argumentation must be transferred to this part of our oration also from those rules which have been already laid down.

Bob was one of the soundest fliers of the six of them, but he was forever making hard work out of anything he did not understand from the ground up. Once he had mastered the why and wherefore, he was at peace, but if the reason was hidden from him he was never quite sure on that point. "It is this," answered Bob.

But ere Sir Lancelot was found by the heralds, came the King of the Hundred Knights, the King of North Wales, the King of Northumberland, and Sir Galahaut, and said to him, "Fair knight, God bless thee, for much have ye done this day for us; wherefore we pray ye come with us and receive the honour and the prize as ye have worshipfully deserved it."

Paul's, wherein may be found one Sir Thomas Winter, to seek whom I have come to London? "Much amazed at his words I scanned him closely, for his voice had a familiar ring in my memory. "'Zounds! cried he, noting that I sought to read his features, 'wherefore dost thou look so hard upon me? Hath the air of Spain "'Fawkes! cried I, seizing him by the shoulders, ''tis truly my friend Guido!

"Aye, verily." "And told me not?" "For that she did so command, Beltane." "And wherefore came she hither?" "For thy dear sake in the first place, and " "Nay, mock me not, friend, for I do know myself of none account." "And in the second place, Beltane, to save this fair city of Belsaye." "Nay, how mean you?" "I mean that Belsaye cannot fall whiles it holdeth Helen the Proud.

O Lord, how blind and dull are we to such things, which pertain to our salvation! But I pray you, wherefore was it ordained principally?

Wherefore, ever using all the persons we have named as a kind of magnets to attract books, we had the desired accession of the vessels of science and a multitudinous flight of the finest volumes. And this is what we undertook to narrate in the present chapter.

Their noble chief, however, said, "that Guarionex was a good man, and deserved well at his hands, for he had given him many royal gifts when he came to him, and had taught him and his wife to join in choral songs and to dance, of which he made no little account, and for which he was grateful: wherefore, he would be party to no treaty to desert Guarionex, since he had fled to him, and he had pledged himself to take care of the fugitive; and would rather suffer all extremities than give detractors a cause for speaking ill, to say that he had delivered up his guest."

A fire-boat was brought down and moored under the drawbridge which connected the Tourelles with our boulevard; wherefore, when at last we drove our English ahead of us and they tried to cross that drawbridge and join their friends in the Tourelles, the burning timbers gave way under them and emptied them in a mass into the river in their heavy armor and a pitiful sight it was to see brave men die such a death as that.

Wherefore it is a vain thing, yea an horrible wickedness in you, thus to abuse the law, and the weakness of man, by suggesting that the only, the ultimate, or grand design of Christ Jesus was, or is, the promoting of a righteousness by the law, that is performed by humane principles in us.