Let me tell you that your reputation among your countrymen at Paris depends solely upon their verdict." "And upon your favour," added I. "Ah!" said she, "you must have had your origin in France; you have something about you presque Parisien." "I will tell you," answered Madame D'Anville; "they are brave, honest, generous, mais ils sont demi-barbares."

"I don't understand about the war, but it is fine to think the Salem men made the British soldiers go back when all the while the cannon and other arms were hidden away. You don't mind, Rachel, if the Colonists did beat England, do you? I'm a Colonist, you know." "That is long ago, and we are all friends now. I think the Colonists were very brave and persevering and they deserved their liberty.

The weight of France, therefore, though still very considerable, has relatively diminished. Her territory was not in the days of Lewis the Fourteenth quite so extensive as at present: but it was large, compact, fertile, well placed both for attack and for defence, situated in a happy climate, and inhabited by a brave, active, and ingenious people.

But such a leader was followed to victory alike by the coward and the brave, and his eagle glance marked every heroic deed which his example had inspired.

The flowers, as if they knew their part, unfolded their bright leaves, and poured forth their sweetest perfume, as, kneeling at the throne, the brave little Fairy said, "O King of blight and sorrow, send me not away till I have brought back the light and joy that will make your dark home bright and beautiful again.

In the latter case I certainly have no right to boast, even should I find myself so inclined; for B. took with him to Precigne a case of what his father, upon B.'s arrival in The Home of The Brave, diagnosed as scurvy which scurvy made my mutilations look like thirty cents or even less.

The curé went to meet Jeanne as she came into the room, and taking both her hands in his, he exhorted her to be brave under this sorrow, and attempted to comfort her with the consolation of religion. Then he spoke of her dead mother's good life, and offered to pass the night in prayers beside the body. But Jeanne refused this offer as well as she could for her tears.

But he carried with him the manners of the forecastle, a man hasty and unlettered but superbly brave and honest. Even after he had become Governor he thrashed the captain of the Nonesuch frigate of the royal navy, and used his fists on the Collector of the Port after cursing him with tremendous gusto.

Here is another remark made for his especial benefit. There is a natural tendency in many persons to run their adjectives together in TRIADS, as I have heard them called, thus: He was honorable, courteous, and brave; she was graceful, pleasing, and virtuous. Dr. Johnson is famous for this; I think it was Bulwer who said you could separate a paper in the "Rambler" into three distinct essays.

Soon after this a son was born to Aponibolinayen, and she called his name Kanag. He grew rapidly, becoming a strong lad, and he was the bravest of all his companions. One day while Kanag was playing out in the yard, he spun his top and it struck the garbage pot of an old woman, who became very angry and cried: "If you were a brave boy, you would get your father whom Gawigawen killed."