When Aponitolau could not make him eat he went home again, and Kanag used magic and he became a labeg. Aponitolau said to Aponibolinayen, "I wonder why Kanag does not like to eat." "I think he is sorrowful, because he was sent to watch the mountain rice." "What is the reason that you sent him to the field when the fences are strong and no wild pigs can get in," said Aponibolinayen.

"I did not have a father, you said, mother, but the old woman said he was inherited by Gawigawen, when he went to get the orange fruit. Now prepare provisions for me to take, for I am going to get my father." Aponibolinayen said to him, "Do not go or Gawigawen will get you as he did your father." But Kanag said, "If you do not let me go and do not give me food, I will go without anything."

Not long after Dagoláyan arrived in Kadalayapan, and Aponitolau and Aponibolinayen asked where Kanag was. "Kanag has become a big serpent. As soon as he broke off the perfume of Baliwán which the young girl desired he became a serpent."

Ayo is hidden by her brother, but meets Dagdagalisit, who is fishing, and becomes pregnant. Child pops out between third and fourth fingers when Ayo has her hand pricked. Baby objects to first name; so is called Kanag. Milk from Ayo's breasts falls on her brother's legs while she is lousing him, and he thus learns of the child.

"It is good that Tabyayen came down and made Sayang with us." Then he went down again. When he arrived down Aponibolinayen was glad to see him, for she feared he would not return to Kadalayapan. Not long after they arranged for Kanag to be married, and as soon as Kanag was married they arranged for Tabyayen also and he lived down below and Gaygayóma always staid above.

Not long after he dressed up and took his top and went to play with the other boys. Not long after Dolimáman said to Wadagan, "Take care of the boy while I go to the well," and Wadagan said, "Yes." As soon as Dolimáman arrived at the well Wadagan made a little raft and Kanag went to the place where he was working and asked, "What is that for father?" "'What is that for, you say.

He took his spear, headaxe and shield, and he went. When he was near the gate of the town, Kanag gave the bad sign. "Go back, father, for you have a bad sign," said the little bird. So his father went back at once. The next morning he started again and he went. When he reached the gate of the town the little bird gave him a good sign, so he went.

Each person drank from a golden cup filled with basi from out of the little jar which looked like a fist, and one third of the basi in the jar was still left. As soon as the people drank they took them up to the town. When they arrived in the town Aponibolinayen was anxious for them to chew betel-nut. So she gave some to Kanag and his wife Dapilísan and to some others.

I am going to make it for your toy." Not long after he said, "My son go and change your clothes and as soon as you change your clothes I will see you." When Kanag went to change his clothes his father was watching for him. He said, "My dear son, now we will follow your mother to the well." So they went, but they did not go to the place where Dolimáman was.

When they had all finished eating, "Now that we have finished eating we are going to settle on the price. My balaua must be filled eighteen times with different jars before Kanag and Daliknáyan can be married." So they filled the balaua eighteen times. "Now that the pakálon is finished and we have paid the price, we will take her home, and you prepare the food for her to take."