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"Even thus have I recited to thee, without any exception, the thousand excellent names of the high-souled Kesava whose glory should always be sung. That man who hears the names every day or who recites them every day, never meets with any evil either here or hereafter. If a Brahmana does this he succeeds in mastering the Vedanta; if a Kshatriya does it, he becomes always successful in battle.

Now the rascal Iago enters myself! with flowing tie. He hates Othello. He glowers like a villain and soliloquizes: In order that my vengeance I may plot Give me a dog, and give it to me hot! That was the kind of play. Finally, Desdemona is nearly smothered but is returned at last to Othello's arms. Iago meets his deserts.

"If that chap meets any one in the road, he plants his umbrella in his chest, and demands his money or his... eternal life." "Yes, he is a disagreeable man," agreed Preciozi. They continued their walk, through the Piazza Cavallegeri and outside the walls.

"This is good isn't it, eh? life in a boarding-house quite new to you; but they are civilized now compared to what you'll find them in the drawing-room. When short whist for five-penny points sets in then Greek meets Greek, and we'll have it." During all this melee tournament, I perceived that the worthy jib as he would be called in the parlance of Trinity, Mr.

Philip was not her favorite of the two pupils; he was less obliging than Tom, who was made useful in many ways. Still, his father paid more than Mr. Tulliver did, and she meant him to feel that she behaved exceedingly well to him. Philip, however, met her advances toward a good understanding very much as a caressed mollusk meets an invitation to show himself out of his shell. Mrs.

Whole mess of 'em had cut. Who knows 'em? Nobody knows 'em. Man that was stuck never see the fellers as stuck him in all his life till then. Didn't know which one of 'em did it. Didn't know nothing. Don't now, an' never will, 'nless he meets 'em in hell. That's all. Feller's dead, an' who's a-goin' to touch me? Can't do it. Ca-n-'t do it." "Mr. Rollins," said Dr.

What did I want with those people one meets in the City. The best of them are ready to cut your throat. Yes! Business men, gentlemen, any sort of men and women out of spite, or to get something.

In October every year the Scandinavian Gymnastic Instructors' Association meets in Stockholm for several weeks, at which lectures are delivered, papers are read, and discussions are held upon all branches of their work.

You send him. I give you the outline of terms. I give you alternative terms. Big terms. He will go. He will talk. He will hear. Then we will later come to terms. All men will sell on terms. Your man. Where is he? I must see him. Then the Board. It meets. I will address it. I show them how this thing will serve." "That's all right, sir," Elas was smiling.

You do not yet know him, and therefore you can not hope for anything from him; but if you will follow the advice of a friend, who was also once young, think in the future that your right hand is held firmly by the invisible, beloved hand of your mother. Persuade yourself that she is by you, and take care that every word, yes, every glance, meets with her approval.