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We should particularly avoid binding or cramping the chest and the hips and waist. If clothing is too tight about the chest, it interferes both with free movement of the arms and, what is even more important, with the breathing movements of the chest.

As soon as Lionel had sufficiently recovered they again took to the spar; but now, instead of clasping it with their arms and legs, they lay with their chest upon it, and used their efforts only to keep it going before the wind and tide. Once they came to a point where the sand was but a few inches under water.

I don't want to know; it don't matter to me." "Hush!" I whispered. "There's that knocking again." There it was quite plainly, and then came a repetition seemingly close at hand, three smart taps as of knuckles on a chest. "There's some one else, and quite near," I said in a low voice. "No, my lad, that was me. Here's a big case behind me, and I let go on it."

One evening it was before the advent of this Hasluck I remember climbing out of bed, for trouble was within me. Creatures, indescribable but heavy, had sat upon my chest, after which I had fallen downstairs, slowly and reasonably for the first few hundred flights, then with haste for the next million miles or so, until I found myself in the street with nothing on but my nightshirt.

Singing takes much out of the teacher, which will soon be felt in the chest, and cause pain and weakness there; and, if persevered in, premature death; and with women much sooner than men. This is another reason why one of each sex should be employed in the work.

"Pulmonary dyspnoea settled on her chest heart too weak to do a tracheotomy run a tube down...." They opened the door of the room and told her to go into it. She paused at the threshold and wept, though she could not see her mother, because the room was so like her mother's life. There was hardly anything in it at all.

"Tartar, the wine stands with you," said Jack, "allow me to help you." Captain Tartar threw himself back in his chair, and let all the air out of his chest with a sort of whistle, as if he could hardly contain himself. "Have you had wine enough?" said Jack, very politely; "if so, we will go to the Marquesa's."

Turk saw there was trouble, and whined around his master, as if inquiring whether there was anything that he could do to bring matters to an adjustment. "No, Turk; he's my game," said Jim. "Ye couldn't eat 'im no more nor ye could a muss rat." There were just three seats in the cabin two camp-stools and a chest. "That's the seat for ye," said Jim to Yates, pointing to the chest.

So I came to the box of a young scribe with beautiful eyes." "A young man with beautiful eyes," shouted the Pasha. "Where is he? I'll kill him!" and he drew his sword. The Hodja in the chest heard every word and trembled in every limb. "Be patient, Pasha Effendi; I said I had an adventure, and you did not believe me.

Then she went to him, and in disgust and rage I left them and sped through the darkening woods to the spring where I had first seen the imprints of her tiny moccasins. Cousin was there, seated and his head bowed on his chest, a waiting victim for the first Indian scout who might happen along. I dragged him to his feet and harshly said: "Come! We must go. Your white sister is dead.

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