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"Here comes the fish!" he cried. "Come along, Darling. Never lose a moment that's my rule. You can't get along as fast as I can. I'll go and settle all the business for you." "Why should you be in such a hurry always? You will never come to my age if you carry on so. You ought to tow a spar astern. Thank God, they don't know who he is, and I'll take good care not to let them know.

The three men were on the spar deck a second later, straining their eyes into the black vagueness of the water. "Indianos!" shouted two other sailors on the forecastle, and from the spar deck it seemed to be possible to distinguish several black objects moving towards the ship. "The siren, Boyle," cried Courtenay, striking a match.

Meanwhile, temporary headquarters were needed; he would erect a tent. The spar and boom served for the ridge and front poles, the sail for the canvas covering, the sheet and halyards for the restraining lines. Sonia Turgeinov again watched him; her interest was now of that vague kind she had sometimes experienced when the manager appeared on a darkened stage, with a fresh crackling manuscript.

Wear corduroy trousers and a red bandanna and start a butcher-paper-covered East-Side magazine filled with ravings?" "No; that is another type we plain Americans have on our hands." "Don't spar for time." "I'm not. I'm through sparring; I want to go to work. I want " What was the use? He stopped before adding another spark to her wrath.

Now and then, among the gray and brown tints, there was a dash of scarlet, the cardinal grosbeak, whose presence was sufficient to enliven any scene. In the leafless trees, as a ray of sunshine fell upon him, he was visible a long way off, glowing like a crimson spar, the only bit of color in the whole landscape.

Every day saw a little further progress made, an additional spar raised into position and secured, a little more added to the complicated maze of rigging; and meanwhile George, accompanied by Robert Dyer, who had been hunted up the moment that his services could be made useful, went hither and thither all over Plymouth and its neighbourhood, day after day, hunting up desirable recruits, including many of the Bonaventure's former crew, until in process of time they contrived, between them, to get together no less than one hundred men, all of them of the true Devon breed, ready to go anywhere and do anything.

Sharp, "go below again, with Saunders, and look for some light sail? without one, we cannot move away from the ship, even when in the boat. I see a suitable spar and necessary rigging on deck; but the canvas must be looked for in the sail-room. It is a nervous thing, I confess, to be below at such a moment; but you have too much faith in us to dread being deserted." Mr.

The spar used for the keel was the upper part of the mainmast, or rather the topmast for, it must be remembered, she was a polacca-rigged craft and which had been broken completely off when the lower shrouds went over it; and as this was considerably longer than the raft, planks were fastened to each corner of the square to both the ends, so as to form a pointed bow and stern.

The Hartopp went to Natica with a softened gleam in her eyes; "I saw a telephone in the hall," she said. "I'm going out to call a cab." I heard her at the lever as they began to spar. I don't believe I could get a job at timekeeping in a real mill. My rounds must have been wonderfully and fearfully made.

The fellow had feet shaped a good deal like any other aquatic bird, with the essential difference, however, that no small part of his foundation had been laid abaft the perpendicular of the tendon Achilles, and, being without shoes, he could nearly encircle a small spar in his grasp.

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