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'And what might that be? said Hartopp. 'Balance, proportion, perspective life. Your scientific man is the unrelated animal the beast without background. Haven't you ever realised that in your atmosphere of stinks? 'Meantime you make them lose life for the sake of living, eh? 'Blind again, Hartopp! I told you about Paddy's quotation this morning.

I asked, coming back to her. For once I felt rebellious, and showed it, whereat she smiled. "Supper after the theater at Cherry's." "Oh, well, I don't mind that," I volunteered. "With 'Boiler-plate' Hartopp," she added. The searchlight dawned upon me. It swung around the room once or twice, and that was enough.

But to one of your knowledge of the world, I need not say that your silence deprives me of the power to assist yourself. We'll talk no more of that." WAIFE. "Thank you, gratefully, Mr. Mayor." MR. HARTOPP. "But for the little girl, make your mind easy, at least for the present. I will place her at my farm cottage.

Hartopp was too glad to give up to her lawful protectors the child, whom the man appears to have abducted; and I suspect, from what Hartopp said, though he does not like to own that he was taken in to so gross a degree, that he had been actually introducing to his fellow-townsfolk and conferring familiarly with a regular jail-bird, perhaps a bur glar.

"You are a noble-hearted human being," said Waife, greatly affected. "And, mark my words, a mantle of charity so large you will live to wear as a robe of honour. But hear me, sir! Mr. Hartopp also is a man infinitely charitable, benevolent, kindly, and, through all his simplicity, acutely shrewd; Mr.

Two minutes later I emerged, to face Drayton and the Hartopp unloading from an electric hansom. The under-toned remark of one of the footman came to me: "A bit behind schedule time to-night, eh, Charley?" There wasn't anything to do then, for they were fair inside. "Boiler-plate" was finishing some elephantine pleasantry to Natica, when he saw what I saw.

Once he turned to Jack with a chuckle and said: "This is a jossy bit of luck, ain't it, each of us out with the other man's better?" Natica laughed shamelessly. "You've such a keen appreciation of the ridiculous, Mr. Hartopp," she said. And when "Boiler-plate" tried to deny the insinuation, his wife nudged him on the arm and whispered: "Shut up, Jim."

Hartopp, on hearing what was said against me, deemed me unfit to retain my grandchild, resigned the trust I had confided to him, and would have given me alms, no doubt, had I asked them, but not his hand. Take your hands, sir, from my shoulder, lest the touch sully you."

Our line is injured innocence, of course same as when the Sergeant reported us on suspicion of smoking in the bunkers. If I hadn't thought of buyin' the pepper and spillin' it all over our clothes, he'd have smelt us. King was gha-astly facetious about that. 'Called us bird-stuffers in form for a week." "Ah, King hates the Natural History Society because little Hartopp is president.

But is it any worse than your Chinese reiteration of uncomprehended syllables in a dead tongue? 'Dead, forsooth! King fairly danced. 'The only living tongue on earth! Chinese! On my word, Hartopp!