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He made his appearance at the Temple pretty constantly in the afternoon, and tugged up the long, black staircase with quite a benevolent activity and perseverance.

This last reflection raised the jealousy of the by-standers. They all unanimously appeared to favour my cause. But Sidy Sellem was the only person who spoke through his benevolent disposition. The rest did not speak after him, as a mark of respect to his great age and riches.

Savine spoke lightly, and one person only noticed that the face of his daughter was slightly less pale in coloring than before, but that one afterwards remembered her father's words and took them as a clue to the woman's character. He discovered also that Helen Savine was both generous and benevolent, but that she loved to rule, and to rule somewhat autocratically.

Lloyd, a benevolent, fervid man, not without genius, if genius be present where judgment is absent; not without science, if that may be science which fails in precision, one of those clever desultory men who, in adopting a profession, do not give up to it the whole force and heat of their minds.

It is the poor and desolate I pity." "Well, here is the first instalment of widows' money. I give it to you quarterly, purely from benevolent motives." "Why so?" I asked, curiously. "If you received it all at once Mill Road would be resplendent with crape and cheap jewelry." "I suppose I must thank you," I said, hotly; "but the manner of the giving takes away all the grace of the gift."

Tell me, do you see that young lady in a mauve-coloured dress and a large hat, sitting three tables to the left of us?" She looked across and nodded. "Of course I do," she answered. "How handsome she is, and what a strange-looking man she has with her! He looks very clever." Her uncle smiled once more, but his face lacked its benevolent expression. "The man is clever," he answered.

He was a very serious looking young man, with round staring anxious blue eyes under pent white brows, an ascetic mouth and a benevolent dome. He was immaculate in white linen, and less pinched about the waist than his fashionable contemporaries.

He made himself excessively agreeable was pleased with the benevolent demeanour of the vicar thought Susan a lovely young woman, and McElvina a delightful companion; and, when he retired to the chamber prepared for his reception, wondered that he had never thought of paying them a visit before.

There was now no question of a formal union, and certainly no idea of a "union of hearts," because the Socialists knew that their ultimate aim would be strenuously opposed by the Liberals, and the Liberals knew that an attempt was being made to use them as a cat's-paw; but there seemed to be no reason why they of the two groups should not observe towards each other a benevolent neutrality, and march side by side as far as the half-way house, where they could consider the conditions of the further advance.

Lord Grenville then read the resolution of the Commons. This resolution, he said, stated first, that the Slave-trade was contrary to humanity, justice, and sound policy. That it was contrary to humanity was obvious; for humanity might be said to be sympathy for the distress of others, or a desire to accomplish benevolent ends by good means.