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He could stay home and read, or go back to the garage, though after eight things were very quiet. For amusement there were the pool shack, the cheap dances, the street corner, the Y.M.C.A. This last had proved a boon. The swimming pool, the gym, the reading room, had given Chug many happy, healthful hours. But, after all, there was something

She stood there fingering her bundle; all her features were quivering, and her mouth was like that of a person sick of a fever. "What have you there?" asked Madam Johnsen. "Clothes for you and little Marie. You were so cold. I got them downstairs from the old clothes woman they were so cheap." "Do you say you bought them?" "Yes I got them on credit."

They read the name on the bows and stopped to look at her. Says the elder man: 'Apse Family. I wouldn't sign in her not for Joe, I wouldn't. And the other says: 'If she were mine, I'd have her towed on the mud and set on fire, blame if I wouldn't. Then the first man chimes in: 'Much do they care! Men are cheap, God knows. The younger one spat in the water alongside.

But even I, with the excuse, could not afford the extravagance one weekly article did not pay for one cheap dinner for eight at the Cabaret Lyonnais.

The cable cars had begun to fill up; all along the street could be seen the shopkeepers taking down their shutters; some were still breakfasting. Now and then a waiter from one of the cheap restaurants crossed from one sidewalk to another, balancing on one palm a tray covered with a napkin. "Aren't you out pretty early this morning, Miss Baker?" called Trina. "No, no," answered the other.

At the end of a week you'll have a thirst that you wouldn't take a thousand dollars fur." "But the week isn't much more'n half gone and I'd sell my thirst mighty cheap now." "Don't you do it! Hold fast to it." "That's what I'm doing, 'cause I can't help myself. Howsumever it's the thirst that's holding fast to me."

"A club," said the Duke, as he sipped his coffee, "is a comfortable and economical residence. A man gets what he wants well-served, and gets it cheap. But it has its drawbacks." "You always see the same fellows," said Silverbridge. "A man who lives much at a club is apt to fall into a selfish mode of life. He is taught to think that his own comfort should always be the first object.

says the poet, and this turns out to be the case. We only look to see if in the common and the cheap he discloses new values and new meanings, if his leaves of grass have the old freshness and nutriment, and be not a mere painted greenness.

I'll see you through and that's more than any of these cheap, shallow people round you would do." "Well?" said Margaret. "You and Grant Arkwright are going to marry. Now don't pretend don't protest. It's the proper thing and it must be done. You like him?" As Craig was looking sharply at her she felt she must answer. She made a vague gesture of assent. "Of course!" said Craig.

The Gilt Toy and Mock Jewellery Trade, once one of the staple employments of Birmingham artizans, has dwindled away until it now occupies a very insignificant place in the Directory. Bad cheap articles, with neglect of novelty and taste in design, ruined it. In cheap rubbish foreigners can always beat us, but the Birmingham gilt toy men made things "to sell" until no one would buy.