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There is nothing humorous per se in hunger or thirst; at any rate, not until both are appeased.

They would go safely back to their own world but he Jack Bruce would remain in the ring. He laughed with bitter cynicism at the thought. Even the habitable world of the ring itself, was denied him. Like a lost soul, poised between two worlds, he was abandoned, waiting helpless, until hunger and thirst would put an end to his sufferings.

It rejoices my very heart to see you come home sound and well again; but what is it you want with the water-jug?" "Only to refresh a person who seems about to die of thirst," answered Alischar; "but I shall be back again in a moment, my dear Smaragdine." With this he ran downstairs, and was surprised to find the Infidel, whom he had left without on the street, seated within the porch.

At a period of the Reign of Terror the Parisians got to find a day weary without the guillotine. If by some immense fortuity there came a day when they were not sprinkled with innocent blood the poor souls s'ennuyaient. This was not so much thirst for any particular liquid as the habit of excitement.

Indeed, there are the verses which I read as a part of our lesson from the fifth chapter of Matthew, one of which for a clear or more spiritual insight I have quoted as a part of my text, "Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled" with what?

After that I thought she seemed happier, and repeatedly said, if she could only see her dear old father once more, she should be glad to die. "We all suffered terribly from fatigue and thirst; for, after they thought Juanita was going to drown herself in the pool, they were very cross to us, and used to make us do all their work about the camp.

You allow me to pass two summers and two African summers! in such thirst?... Would to God that you would allow enter to the opulent banquet of your book, the long fast from your writings which you have put me upon during all a year! If this banquet be not ready, I shall not give over my complaints, unless, indeed, that in the time between, you send me something to keep up my strength."

"The desire of the moth for the star." Solomon's thirst for pleasure was the companion of his wisdom: satiety was the offspring of the one discontent of the other. But this philosophy, though seductive, is of no wholesome nor useful character; it is the philosophy of feelings, not principles of the heart, not head. So with Godolphin: he was too refined in his moralising to cling to what was moral.

At break of day, all those who had Christian slaves joined us, and we all proceeded on our march for the interior parts of the country, where the families of our respective masters resided. It is impossible to describe our sufferings on this journey, especially from thirst. We had such difficulty to move our tongue, that we trembled to ask the smallest question.

While the northerners made these final preparations their guides slipped away for a time. Pedro, on his return, announced that the canoes had been concealed. Lourenço, bringing back the freshly filled canteens of the ex-army men, delivered with them the marching orders of the day. "If you thirst, comrades, drink only from your canteens.