He turned pale and trembled violently at my narration; and, as I concluded, drew forth a purse of gold, which he chanced to have with him, and placing it in my hand, exclaimed: "'Fly son child Algernon for Heaven's sake, fly! "'Whither, father?

The foreman stood up and glanced sadly toward the man who had been his friend and neighbor for many years. There were tears in his eyes, and his voice broke and trembled as he gave their verdict, "Guilty of murder in the first degree."

He was all over as bright as a flash of fire that a little before surrounded him; his countenance inconceivably terrible; the earth as it were trembled when he stept upon the ground, and flashes of fire seemed to fill all the air.

An admirable woman, Sir, because she does good things, and even kind things, takes care of this this young lady we have here, talks like a sensible person, and always looks as if she was doing her duty with all her might. I hate her because her voice sounds as if it never trembled and her eyes look as if she never knew what it was to cry.

Hers fell, and her head drooped down upon his breast, and as once before, at the cathedral an eloquent tide of crimson mounted from breast to throat, from cheek to tendrilled hair. About his neck her arms slid, trembled, tightened.

Mary, my love, come here." She trembled, and was very pale; but he sat her in his own chair, and stood beside it holding her hand, Martin standing by him. "The curse of our house," said the old man, looking kindly down upon her, "has been the love of self has ever been the love of self." He drew one hand through Martin's arm, and standing so, between them, proceeded, "What's this?

But the delicate brain held itself steady and the boy's eyes were turned to her piecing her broken words, answering them before they came as if she drew them forth at will The door opened and she looked up and sprang forward. "Listen, Phil. He saw Betty!" Her hand trembled to the boy. "He saw her that last day it must be tell him, Alcie "

Again the air trembled with that peal of song: "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good-will towards men." Slowly it sank into silence. Vergilius drew the maiden close and touched her ear with his lips and whispered: "Love has opened our hearts to the knowledge of mighty things. It has led us to the Prince of Peace."

I made all the haste I could, but I'm not clever at packing, so I heard some clock striking four, when I had slipped on my thin grey canvas coat and skirt, and was putting on my hat, with cold hands that trembled so much I could hardly stick in the hat pins. I had been excited enough the day I heard I was to come to Mrs. Ess Kay, but I was twice as excited now when I was going to leave her.

For an instant his hearers seemed stunned at the fellow's audacity, and then there went up such a roar of denunciation and execration that the air trembled. The Rebels thought that the whole camp was going to rush on Bradley and tear him to pieces, and they drew revolvers and leveled muskets to defend him.