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Down went the pony, and the Indian was thrown with such violence that he was evidently stunned, as he lay where he had fallen. Another shot wounded one of the remaining Indians, and they hastily sped away to the right oblique in flight, while Billy dashed on to the side of the coach.

He didn't know what to do with it. I I think he had a chance of making a living out West and the blow seemed to have stunned him." "And you took the baby?" put in Mrs. Rutherford. "Yes," Tom answered, "I took the baby." "Is it a pretty baby?" "Yes," said Tom, "I think it is."

He stepped back in his surprise. "Oh! You great man!" she said distinctly, but in a voice that was hardly above a whisper. Those words, and still more her tone, stunned him as if somebody had fired a gun close to his ear. He stared back at her stupidly. "Oh! you great man!" she repeated slowly, glancing right and left as if meditating a sudden escape.

At length with a shade of humour he spoke. "Here endeth the first lesson! You'd make a better show if you had a drink also. I'm sorry there's only one glass. You see, I wasn't expecting any friends to-night." Piers started a little and straightened himself; but his face remained bloodless, and there was a curiously stunned look in his eyes. He did not attempt to utter a word.

Being in good spirits, after a dinner to the ecclesiastics, he said, as soon as his guests had gone speaking in the tone of one who believed he was doing a great thing for me "Mary, matters are not quite settled yet, but you might as well know right here what we're trying to fix up for you." Then he told me. I was to marry the young Lord Raa! I was stunned.

Without judging him harshly, let his career be a warning to you to resist the first enticements to evil; and, as one means of doing so, let me advise you never to place yourself in that state of society which had such a malign influence upon him." "Give me time to think," rejoined the young man. "This has come upon me so suddenly that I feel stunned."

The Reform of 1832 seemed to threaten the English Church with destruction. Arnold in this year wrote 'The Church, as it now stands, no human power can save. The bishops were stunned and bewildered by the unexpected outbreak of popular hostility.

The chaplain was one day stunned with grief over the death of the butler of the embassy; and as the Italians sleep away grief, the French sing, the Germans drink, and the English go to plays to be rid of it, the Venetians, by advice, sought consolation at the Fortune Theatre; and there a trick was played upon old Busino, by placing him among a bevy of young women, while the concealed ambassador and the secretary enjoyed the joke.

But Peter had already sprung between and the missile struck him full on the forehead, causing a wicked-looking bruise. He had lain stunned for a time, then crept into bed with baby and listened in terror as the quarrel between his father and mother progressed from words to blows.

And when I come back you will either have got over caring so much or I will be more of a lady." "I'm sorry you are going," said my brother. "But as you are going, perhaps you will let me use your rooms while you are gone. Your bed is the best one I ever slept in, and your study would be bully for the boys when they come to see me." I was too stunned to reply.

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