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"I think I must give him a little theatre. "Then there is music!" Redwood thought that over, and decided that his son might best begin with a very pure-sounding harmonicon of one octave, to which afterwards there could be an extension. "He shall play with this first, sing to it and give names to the notes," said Redwood, "and afterwards ?"

Lumberton's advertising space was plastered with the Briarwood Girl and with other billing weeks before the film could be seen. As every moving picture theatre in the place clamored for the film, Mr. Hammond had refused to book it with any.

She made a little grimace at him. "A very polite young gentleman at the box office sent us each a bunch directly we started work yesterday. I've only had a few words with him yet, but Eva that's the other girl she's plagued to death with fellows already, so I'm going to take him out one evening." Philip stopped short. They were approaching the theatre. "Not a step further," he declared solemnly.

Then suddenly the house lights sank and the footlights rose. From all over the theatre came energetic whispers of "Sh! Sh!"

His chief interest was centred in Moscow, in the Art Theatre, which had just been started, and the greater part of his dramatic work was done during this period. Chekhov was ill all the winter of 1900, and only felt better towards the spring. During those long winter months he wrote "In the Ravine." The detestable spring of that year affected his mood and his health even more.

'So you are reconciled, you and Madame de Lustrac, some one said to him in the lobby of the Emperor's theatre, 'you have pardoned her, have you? So much the better. 'Oh, replied he, with a satisfied air, 'I became convinced 'Ah, that she was innocent, very good. 'No, I became convinced that it was altogether physical." Caroline smiled.

He said, "My dear," and he said it tenderly because he had recognised in the speaker his own daughter Helen, whom he had supposed with her mother at the theatre. "Step forward, Flora Binns," said Helen, and Flora Binns, who was only eight, blue-eyed, and with ringlets of gold, approached and curtsied prettily.

'Never mind! he said. 'I'll walk to the Circus and back again, and then I'll go in. He walked to the Circus and back again, and once more failed to get himself inside Prince's Theatre. 'This is the most curious thing that ever happened to me, he thought, as he stood for the second time in Piccadilly Circus. 'Why the devil can't I go into that theatre? I'm not nervous.

At the same time he was a warm friend of the theatre, and sometimes condescended even to comply with its demands as settled by custom and the existing taste; as, for instance, in his Clavigo, a familiar tragedy in Lessing's manner. Besides other defects of this piece, the fifth act does not correspond with the rest.

I frustrated it thus: the head of this design is a nobleman who has long persecuted you in vain. He and two of his creatures watched you from the entrance of the theatre, having directed six others to await him on the spot where you were attacked; myself and five of my servants supplied their place, and were mistaken for his own followers.