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"Bombardment," he laughed, "they cannot shoot, those Cossacks. It is only the French who understand artillery." "Then what is it? for you have something to tell me, I know." He ruffled his shock-head of white hair, with a grimace of despair. "Yes," he admitted, "it is news." "From outside?" cried Desiree, with a sudden break in her voice. "From Vilna," answered Barlasch.

So the agreement was made, and poor Hans was to be sent down by the Portsmouth coach together with Peregrine's luggage. "The head remains unchanged within, Nor altered much the face, It still retains its native grin, And all its old grimace. "Men with contempt the brute surveyed, Nor would a name bestow, But women liked the motley beast, And called the thing a beau." The Monkies, MERRICK.

So she let him lead her into the priest's house, and she did not make any of the awkward draggings back, or ridiculous scenes of grimace sometimes exhibited on these occasions; but blushing rosy red, yet with more self-possession than could have been expected from her timid nature, she gave her hand to the man she loved, and listened with attentive devotion to the holy ceremony.

I tried to laugh, but could only make a grimace; and found all the muscles of my face twitching at sixes and sevens, and totally out of all control. It takes but little to raise a laugh among a set of fox-hunters. There was a world of merriment and joking at my expense; and as I never relished a joke overmuch when it was at my own expense, I began to feel a little nettled.

It has no soul; it is not alive; and, though they cannot explain why, they feel the difference between that thin, fixed grimace and the changing smile of the living countenance. It would scarcely be practicable, however, to confine the children's reading to hermetic literature; for not much of it is extant in its pure state.

Tutmosis also rose, and yawned with a grimace. "Brr!" grumbled he, "what cold! Sleep is a good thing! I barely dozed a little, and now I am able to go even to the end of the world, even again to the Soda Lakes. Brr! I have forgotten the taste of wine, and it seems to me that my hands are becoming covered with hair, like the paws of a jackal. And it is two hours to 'the palace yet.

"They are put to so many shifts to hide it from the servants of their neighbours," said Helene. "Besides," and she made a little grimace of contempt, "a fine household and an overdrawn banking account it is like a ragged petticoat under a satin dress. That was never the case with Madame Dauvray." "So that she was under no necessity to have ready money always in her pocket," said Hanaud.

Kutuzov made a grimace and sent an order to Dokhturov to take over the command of the first army, and a request to the duke whom he said he could not spare at such an important moment to return to him. When they brought him news that Murat had been taken prisoner, and the staff officers congratulated him, Kutuzov smiled. "Wait a little, gentlemen," said he.

Her husband stopped, his back turned to her, but without releasing the child. He was still talking to the vicaress, but this good lady, I think, had lost the thread of her attention. She looked at Mrs. Ambient and at Dolcino, and then looked at me, smiling in a highly amused cheerful manner and almost to a grimace. "Papa," said the child, "mamma wants me not to go with you."

No secret had been made in the family of Harry's engagement. Archie told his fair assistant that Miss Burton had been received at Clavering Park openly as Harry's future wife, and, "by Jove, you know, he can't be coming it with Julia after that, you know." Sophie made a little grimace, but did not say much.

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