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"Here, Nanon, carry them away!" she said. When she looked again towards her cousin she was still blushing, but her looks could at least deceive, and did not betray the excess of joy which innundated her heart; yet the eyes of both expressed the same sentiment as their souls flowed together in one thought, the future was theirs.

Armstrong, presently. "Have I not a right to insist upon the wish?" "I forgot what I was coming to," said Faith, blushing deeply. "I spoke of it, one day, to mother. And she said it was a thing I couldn't decide for myself, now. That some one else would be concerned, as well as I." "And some one else will be sure to wish as you do. Only there may be a wisdom in waiting.

"O no, sir," answered Jeanie, much more readily, but at the same time blushing much more deeply. "Well, Jeanie," said the Duke, "you are a girl may be safely trusted with your own matters, and I shall inquire no farther about them. But as to this same pardon, I must see to get it passed through the proper forms; and I have a friend in office who will for auld lang syne, do me so much favour.

The blushing maid modestly bowed while Joram took her by the hand and said, with unusual feeling, "May the blessing of the God of thy fathers, dear maid, accompany thy footsteps in a foreign land." This blessing from the lips of a Babylonian was deeply appreciated by the young woman, who was already touched by the kindness with which she was met on every hand.

Again, the ordinary supply of blood to a part may be lessened, so that the organ is reduced to a state of inactivity, as occurs in the case of the brain during sleep. We have in the act of blushing a visible example of sudden enlargement of the smaller arteries of the face and neck, called forth by some mental emotion which acts on the vaso-motor center and diminishes its activity.

It was indeed a beautiful thing to see this fair and guiltless penitent leaning against her indulgent father's bosom, in which her blushing face was hid, and disclosing the history of an attachment as pure and innocent as ever warmed the heart of youth and beauty.

Will you therefore kindly confide in the bearer of this letter, giving him by word of mouth such facts as will enable John Sprague's relatives to work intelligently in the search for him, living or dead? "Very truly yours, It was hardly written when Elkins himself appeared, radiant with satisfaction and blushing like a peony under lamplight. "Yeour note came just in th' nick o' time.

As he stood in ecstasy she saw him at the end of the lane, and blushing drew back with a finger in her mouth, to thrill and giggle at ease. She saw a great gentleman stare; he saw a rosy goddess stoop and laugh, then blush and hide. Vitas hinnuleo me similis, Chloe!

Eh, boy! Did she ever teach you that among her mathematics and metaphysics, and gods and goddesses? Philammon stood blushing scarlet. The sweet poison had entered, and every vein glowed with it for the first time in his life. Miriam saw her advantage. 'There, there don't be frightened at your new lesson.

Blushing with delight at the royal condescension, the druggist would obey, and all would drink to the General's toast: "The prosperity of our grand old state, gentlemen the memory of her glorious past the health of her Favourite Son." Some one of the Old Guard was always at hand to escort the Governor home.

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