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I've done a high-handed deed, bein' forced into the same by happenings here when I went off last summer; but 't is auld history now. I'd like to be a credit to 'e some time, not a misery for all time.

There is a face in this very room, if I might presume to be sae bauld, that, if I didna ken the honourable person it belangs to, I might think it had some cut of an auld acquaintance." "I should not be much flattered," answered the Baronet, sternly, and roused by the risk in which he saw himself placed, "if it is to me you mean to apply that compliment."

Said Tommy, almost chuckling, "Oh, the bonny, bonny Auld Licht Kirk!" Said Elspeth, "Oh, the beauty outside stairs!" Said Tommy, "The minister is so long!" Said Elspeth, "The folk is so kind!" Said Tommy, "Especially the laddies!" "Oh, I is so happy!" cried Elspeth. "Me too!" cried Tommy. "My mother would be so chirpy if she could jest see us!" Elspeth said, quite archly.

Ye canna mind him abroad, I wad think, he was come hame afore ye were born. I thought ye had brought me news of poor Maister Harry." "It was from my father I learned to know Colonel Morton," said Henry; "of the son I know little or nothing, rumour says he died abroad on his passage to Holland." "That's ower like to be true," said the old woman with a sigh, "and mony a tear it's cost my auld een.

He looked pleased, yet pensive, and then broke out with a fresh adaptation of his favourite song, and shovel hats and a' that A man's a man for a' that. "The auld gentleman is a man and a gentleman; an' has made a verra courteous, an' weel considerit move, gin ye ha' the sense to profit by it, an' no turn it to yer ain destruction." "Destruction?" "Ay that's the word, an' nothing less, laddie!"

The news quickly went abroad into the parish that the minister had bought Craigsture; and some wished him joy, and some "were sorry it had gane out of the auld name."

"I never heard her say that ye was ever cankert, Thomas." "No, I daursay no. She wadna say't. She wadna say't. She was a kin'-herted auld body." "But she didna like to be ca'd auld," interposed Annie, with a smile half in sad reminiscence of her friend's peculiarities, half in gentle humour, seeking to turn the conversation, and so divert Thomas from further self-accusation.

He tumbled gaily over grassy hummocks, frisked saucily around terrifying old mausoleums, wriggled under the most enticing of low-set table tombs and sprawled, exhausted, but still happy and noisy, at Auld Jock's feet. It was a scandalous thing to happen in any kirkyard!

"Ou, I dinna ken Monkbarns and Sir Arthur are like, and yet they're no like neither. Monkbarns has whiles influence wi' him, and whiles Sir Arthur cares as little about him as about the like o' me. Monkbarns is no that ower wise himsell, in some things; he wad believe a bodle to be an auld Roman coin, as he ca's it, or a ditch to be a camp, upon ony leasing that idle folk made about it.

It was nae mair than four o'clock o' the afternoon when I reached the cottage and found my landlady and her white-haired auld husband waitin' to greet me. They made me as welcome as though I'd been their ain son; ye'd ne'er ha' thocht they were just lettin' me a bit room and gie'n me bit and sup for siller. 'Deed, an' that's what I like fine about the Scots folk.