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"Conjuring to strike a perpendicular, noo, or say the Lord's Prayer backwards?" "Wadna ye prefer a meeracle or twa?" asked Sandy, after a long pull at the whisky-toddy. "Or a few efreets?" added I. "Whatsoever you likes, gentlemen. You're best judges, to be sure," answered Farmer Porter, in an awed and helpless voice. "Aweel I'm no that disinclined to believe in the occult sciences.

It was while we were thus huddled together on the bank that I heard Rob Roy whisper to the man behind whom he was placed on horseback, "Your father, Ewan, wadna hae carried an auld friend to the shambles, like a calf, for a' the Dukes in Christendom." Ewan returned no answer, but shrugged, as one who would express by that sign that what he was doing was none of his own choice.

Gin ye should gang to Charleston ye'll hae to sing sma' on their Fourth o' July, for that's their screechin' time, they tell me; an' ye wudna hae a psalm frae year's end to year's end to wet yir burnin' lips an' ye wadna ken when it was the Twenty-fourth o' May. They tell me they haena kept the Twenty-fourth o' May in Ameriky since 1776." Archie knew his duty better than his dates.

"Than ye're weel provided for; Praise be thankit! Marget." "Ow, ay; nae doot," replied Marget, with bitterness, of which Bruce took no notice. "And what's to come o' the bairnie?" pursued he. "I maun jist get some dacent auld body i' the toon to tak' her in, and lat her gang to the schuil. It's time. The auld fowk wadna pit up wi' her a week." "And what'll that cost ye, Marget?" "I dinna ken.

Mucklewrath, who had begun to recover from her hysterics, whimpered forth, 'She wadna say naething against what the minister proposed; he was e'en ower gude for his trade, and she hoped to see him wi' a dainty decent bishop's gown on his back; a comelier sight than your Geneva cloaks and bands, I wis.

And presently it was revealed to him that, if he were in the horse market wanting to buy, and a man there who had to sell said to him "He wadna du for you, sir; ye wad be tired o' 'im in a week," he would never remark, "What a fool the fellow is!" but "Weel noo, I ca' that neibourly!"

And ye do poor Steenie the mair wrang, for he confessed it ance before us and our privy council, that Dalgarno would have put the quean aff on him, the puir simple bairn, making him trow that she was a light-o'-love; in whilk mind he remained assured even when he parted from her, albeit Steenie might hae weel thought ane of thae cattle wadna hae resisted the like of him."

'Save us a'! said I, 'if I wadna walk to be married, what in the three kingdoms wad tempt me to walk? "'Weel, said the auld leddy, 'my daughter will be the first o' our family that ever gaed on foot to the altar.

There was just the slightest touch of sharpness in the gentle voice, and Malcolm did speak out. "I wadna be troubling ye, my lord, but it's just an auld man, Dougal Mc Dougal, frae the head o' Loch Mhor a puir doited body, wha says he maun hae a bit word wi' your lordship. But I tellt him ye coulna be fashed wi' the like o' him." "That was not civil or right, Malcolm an old man, too. Where is he?"

"Ay, but when your honour wadna take your fee ye wadna hae the cause neither, sae I'll ne'er fash you on a Saturday at e'en again. But I was saying, there's some siller in the spleuchan that's like the Captain's ain, for we've aye counted it such, baith Ailie and me." 'No, no, Liddesdale; no occasion, no occasion whatever. Keep thy cash to stock thy farm. 'To stock my farm? Mr.

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