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I hae made a fire 'at's baith big an' bricht, an' fit to ro'st Belzebub an' I beg your pardon, laird but it's some days I micht say ooks sin' there was a fire intil 't, an' the place needs time to tak the heat intil its auld neuks." She might have said years not a few, instead of some weeks, but her truthfulness did not drive her so far.

Creation seemed but the snow that had fallen, the snow that was falling, and the snow that had yet to fall; or, to put it otherwise, a fall of snow between two outspread worlds of snow. "Gang back, noo, Aggie," said Cosmo again. "What's the guid o' twa whaur ane only need be, an' baith hae to fecht for themsel's?" "I'm no gaein' back yet," persisted Aggie.

Edie had arranged his various bags, and was bound for the renewal of his wandering life, but first advanced with due courtesy to take his leave of the ancient crone. "Gude day to ye, cummer, and mony ane o' them. I will be back about the fore-end o'har'st, and I trust to find ye baith haill and fere."

When our Liddesdale friend had heard the whole to an end, he shook his great black head "Weel, I'll uphaud there's baith gude and ill amang the gipsies, and if they deal wi' the Enemy, it's a' their ain business and no ours. I ken what the streeking the corpse wad be, weel eneugh.

I dinna mind the leddy's name; but there's tocher wi' lass o' his I'll warrant. He's na laird o' Cockpen, for a penniless lass wi' a long pedigree." As I sat meditating over this news which made the torment of suspicion and suspense more intolerable than ever behold a postscript added some two days after. "Oh! Oh! Sic news! gran news! news to make baith the ears o' him that heareth it to tingle.

'Weel, I'll try, says I, for by this time I had a sort o' liking for James. 'Then, said he, 'I'll be at the Penny Stane at four o'clock. 'Very weel, quoth I. And, although baith my faither and mother said to me, as I was gaun out 'Where are ye gaun, lassie? 'Oh, no very far, said I; and, at four o'clock, I met James at the Penny Stane.

"But, ye see, he was a gey auld man afore he tint his eesicht," Annie ventured to interpose. "Sae muckle the better! He kent baith kinds. And he kent that the sicht without the een is better nor the sicht o' the een.

"That's just the way wi' a' young folk," said Nelly, still laughing; "the lad thinks the lass has some ither body that she likes better than him, and the lass thinks the lad pays mair attention to anither than he does to her; she daurna say a word unless she maybe tak the dorts and misca him; he hesitates to speak for fear he should be refused; and between them they aften contrive to torment ane anither for years, when twa words micht settle the matter, and mak them baith happy.

Oh, but it was lonesome and dreary; and in about an hour the laddie wanted to rin awa hame; but, trying to look brave, though half-frightened out of my seven senses, I said, "Sit down, sit down; I've baith whiskey and porter wi' me. Hae, man, there's a cawker to keep your heart warm; and set down that bottle of Deacon Jaffrey's best brown stout to get a toast."

"One at tap and one at bottom?" repeated Mr. Bishopriggs, in high disdain. "De'il a bit of it! Baith yer chairs as close together as chairs can be. Hech! hech! haven't I caught 'em, after goodness knows hoo many preleeminary knocks at the door, dining on their husbands' knees, and steemulating a man's appetite by feeding him at the fork's end like a child?

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