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Watching it wistfully with a half-formed hope that it might not be just a dry-weather whirlwind, her droning voice trailed off into silence. A faint beating in her throat betrayed what it was she half hoped. She was so desperately lonesome! Pat tilted his head and looked up at her and licked her hand until she drew it away impatiently. "Good gracious, Pat!

"The King's drum would be floatin' the likes of him," said the irrepressible Terence, "and the b'ys would be that lonesome." The Colonel walked away without a word. In an hour's time he came back to find me cleaning his accoutrements by the fire. For a while he did not speak, but busied himself with his papers, I having lighted the candles for him.

There was a simple coming in for one woman acting at Brooklyn on her birthday! Brooklyn is as sure a laugh in New York as the mother-in-law in a London music hall. "All cities begin by being lonesome," a comedian explained, "and Brooklyn has never gotten over it." My only complaint against Brooklyn was that they would not take Fussie in at the hotel there.

Hence there are no bad smells to be found in the whole glass empire, and a toad is a thing unheard of there. This toad must certainly have been enclosed in the stone from the creation, as it were, for the sake of John and Elizabeth. Resolved to try the effect of his toad, John took the casket under his arm and went out, and on the way he met two of the little people in a lonesome place.

It must be awful lonesome when you first arrive and don't know a livin' soul. I hope your wife is tolerable well." Bingham gradually pulled himself together and turned very red, as he replied: "Thanks! But my wife doesn't live here. It's awful kind of you, I'm sure; but you'll find my wife in the third house beyond the bakery, down two blocks turn to the right. She'll be glad to see you."

Into cold pen-and-ink words they tried to diffuse warmth and gratitude and sympathy, but the result was not very satisfying, as such results rarely are. Still, it was all they could do. Billy and Laura Ann went off to mail it. "Do you begin to feel lonesome?" laughed Loraine softly, as she and T.O. sat on the steps in the dark. "Thinking of being left all alone in the Hive, I mean?

Besides, I never did have the travel bug very hard. I'll admit I ain't seen much of the country outside of New York; but say, what I have looked over struck me as bein' kind of crude. I expect fields and woods and the seaside stuff is all right for them that likes 'em. Make good pictures, and all that. But them places always seem to me such lonesome spots.

This is a lonesome place for one like you." Ere he replied, a flash of mild surprise Broke from the sable orbs of his yet-vivid eyes. "This will break Michael's heart," he said at length. "Poor Michael," she replied; "they wasted hours. He loved his father so. God give him strength. This is a cruel thing this life of ours."

'Strikes me that another disreputable dog went for a walk, too, said the Nilghai. 'What made you get up so early? Torp said you might be buying a horse. 'He knows it would need three of us for a serious business like that. No, I felt lonesome and unhappy, so I went out to look at the sea, and watch the pretty ships go by. 'Where did you go? 'Somewhere on the Channel.

The girls gave a cry of alarm as they saw a jack rabbit that had been startled, bound ahead of them for a few yards, then with a wild jump it landed in the shelter of the sage brush. "Doesn't everything smell good?" Shirley sniffed the air in long indrawn breaths. "Didn't I tell you it was wonderful!" said Kit. "I used to get so lonesome just for a whiff of the desert.

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