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"Or taps," added Billy. The fighting now had lost the first intensity that had signalized the day of the mine explosion. The Germans had been strongly reinforced, and had held their third line, which had now become their first. "And they've got plenty of other lines behind that one," commented Tom, as he sat on a trench step cleaning and oiling his rifle. "Slathers of them," assented Billy.

The respect of one's fellow men, the day's work well done. Romance was done, at his age, but there remained the adventure of success. A few years more, and he would leave the mill to Graham and play awhile. After that he had always liked politics. They needed business men in politics. If men of training and leisure would only go in for it there would be some chance of cleaning up the situation.

One other mode of passing time while in port was cleaning and polishing your bright-work; for it must be known that, in men-of-war, every sailor has some brass or steel of one kind or other to keep in high order like housemaids, whose business it is to keep well-polished the knobs on the front door railing and the parlour-grates.

She soon continued. "All went well " said Mrs. Ladybug "all went well until one day this morning, to be exact Mrs. Green opened the closet door and began to brush and sweep and wipe and dust. I heard her say that she was doing her fall cleaning. And of course that pleased me; for I was glad to learn that she was a neat housekeeper. "And then " here Mrs.

'Like many solitary men, he writes, 'I have a habit of talking to myself aloud; and, unlike some of the Greek and Latin particles, I do not expect an answer. Certainly, and perhaps fortunately in this case, there was neither voice nor any that regarded: only the woman who, I suppose, was cleaning up the church, dropped some metallic object on the floor, whose clang startled me.

And before Sigurd could put out his hand to detain him Olaf had bounded up the rocks, and was soon lost to sight. On the next morning, as the red sun rose above the mist capped hills of Rathsdale, Olaf was at work among his master's swine, cleaning out the styes and filling them with new straw.

Just to make sure of cleaning up the last infinitesimal traces, though, I'm going to flash a getter charge of tantalum in it. After that, the atmosphere in that case will be tenuous take my word for it." Chem. Soc. 51: 3, 750. "I'll have to; most of that contribution to science being over my head like a circus tent.

What else was there to fight about?" At this instant one of our men came running from a considerable distance, waving his arms excitedly, but unable to give voice to his story, in the inappreciable atmosphere of the asteroid, until he had come up and made telephonic connection with us. "There are a lot of dead Martians over there," he said. "They've been cleaning one another out."

"I should, very much." "I'm afraid it's no place to take you, sir," objected Celestina, horrified at the suggestion. "It ain't been swept out since the deluge. Willie won't have it cleaned. He says he'd never be able to find anything again if it was." Mr. Galbraith laughed. "Workshops do not need cleaning, do they, Mr. Spence?" said he.

She tried to imagine Aunt Janet bringing in wood for the fire, breaking the ice of the well in winter, cleaning and cooking as Jean did, and her imagination simply would not stretch so far.