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We could not say in October of one year what the cost of anything a year or more later would be, and we ran out of money earlier than anticipated. It has not been built as cheaply as expected because it has been built on a rising market for everything that went into its construction from labor, lumber, food supplies, machinery, and steel to rail and ocean transportation.

If you take out Westminster and Wallingham, London is a collection of traditions and great houses, and newspaper offices, and shops. That sort of thing can't go on for ever. Already capital is drawing away to conditions it can find a profit in steel works in Canada, woollen factories in Australia, jute mills in India. Do you know where the boots came from that shod the troops in South Africa?

But she has been like a mother to me, and I do not think, for any small provocation such as I am likely to give her, she would yield the dream of her life. She is a kind-hearted woman, though a little peculiar; true as steel where she takes a fancy. I wish you knew my aunt, Mrs. Raymount." "I should be much pleased to know her." "She would be delighted with this lovely place of yours.

Presently, going into Gerard's room, he found a hot dispute afoot between him and Jacques Bonaventura. That spark had come in, all steel from head to toe; doffed helmet, puffed, and railed most scornfully on a ridiculous ceremony, at which he and his soldiers had been compelled to attend the Pope; to wit the blessing of the beasts of burden.

When they die, a hatchet and a flint and steel are invariably buried with the defunct, in case he should find himself chilly on his long journey an unnecessary precaution, many of the orthodox would consider, on the part of such lax religionists.

He looked forward now to the evening of the lecture with the keenest interest he had ever felt. The dazzling winter day seemed more radiant than ever before, when he heard some ladies in the post-office say Ida was in town. The blue shadows lay on the new-fallen snow vivid as steel.

Rachel felt bound to answer him, for at least there was no insult in his tone. She raised her candid eyes, a sweet brown blush upon her face. "Yes," she said, "I think there is absolutely no excuse for a proposal of marriage, if it is not founded upon love and nothing else!" "Or its pretence and nothing else," amended Steel, with a bow and a smile of some severity.

I shall endeavor to take up every point in connection with the balance staff, from the steel to the jewels, and their relation to the pivots, and I believe this will then convey to the reader all the necessary points, not only as regards staffs, but pivots also, whether applied to a balance or a pinion staff.

"And yet many brave men fall back at the sight of that black face, which never changes, which is just like steel and which they fancy neither sword nor bullet can hurt; but my nails have torn his body and I have seen his blood flow." "Say where he is!" "Close at hand." "In which direction?" "Ah! Domnule!" sighed Juon Tare, "how can I answer that, I who can see neither heaven nor earth?"

William T. Jeans, The creators of the age of steel, London, 1884. Kelly's right to be adjudged the joint inventor of what is now often called the Kelly-Bessemer process is questionable. Admittedly, he experimented in the treatment of molten metal with air blasts, but it is by no means clear, on the evidence, that he got beyond the experimental stage.