A trifle this seemed, in view of the fact that Cuba was guarded by twenty thousand Spanish troops and had on its military rolls the names of sixty thousand volunteers. But the island was seething with discontent, and trifles grow fast under such circumstances. Twenty years before a great rebellion had been afoot.

"Where did you get this, son?" The man, a Chiracahua hand named Curley something-or-other, indicated a sacatone bottom a hundred yards to the west. "You got good eyes, son," Buck complimented him. "Think you can make out the trail?" "Do'no," said Curley. "Used to do a considerable of tracking." "Horses!" commanded Buck. We followed Curley afoot while several men went to saddle up.

"Give up," said they to the legates, "your retinue, your horses, and your goings in state; proceed in all humility, afoot and barefoot, without gold or silver, living and teaching after the example of the Divine Master."

He thrashed the whole story over, all but the essential part. He leaned back in his chair and stared at the ceiling. Henderson in want? To think of his brother in want and he so willing to share with him the fruits of his enormous prosperity. Henderson going afoot to Tibet? What a man he was! That was just the kind of thing he would do some wild chase like that. And the South Seas?

There's a lot of things I see that don't bear talking about. I've pitched into you about Nan, but you needn't suppose I don't know it's all a matter of hidden complexes." Again recurring to Charlotte in this moment of need, Raven reflected that he didn't know whether he was afoot or a-horseback.

"Early afoot," she said; "you foolish, impatient fellow! You will outrun my best advice." "Ah! but I'm armed. I always told you we might trust to my mother, and it is all right. She loves Lenore with all her heart, and consents freely and gladly." "Indeed! Well, the dear child has made her conquest!" "I always knew she would when once reserve was broken down."

But there was naught astir save the darkness slipping down by slow degrees and perchance under its cloak, already stealthily afoot, the ghoulish robbers of the dead that haunt the track of battle.

And I am resolved that if there were but a small army afoot in Guiana, marching towards Manoa, the chief city of Inga, he would yield to her Majesty by composition so many hundred thousand pounds yearly as should both defend all enemies abroad, and defray all expenses at home; and that he would besides pay a garrison of three or four thousand soldiers very royally to defend him against other nations.

Fast spread the tidings from thorpe to thorpe and from castle to castle, that the old game was afoot once more, and the lions and lilies to be in the field with the early spring. Great news this for that fierce old country, whose trade for a generation had been war, her exports archers and her imports prisoners. For six years her sons had chafed under an unwonted peace.

They all had their eyes fixed on me, and they weren't listening to the guns only to me and my singing. And so, as they probably knew what was afoot, and took it so quietly, I managed to keep on singing as if I, too, were used to such a row, and thought no more of it than of the ordinary traffic noise of a London or a Glasgow street.