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Or of those among the White Mountains, gorgeous with great red lilies which presently seem to take flight in a cloud of butterflies that match their tints, paths where the balsamic air caresses you in light breezes, and masses of alder-berries rise above the waving ferns.

True, every day at the little house a spray of lilies of the valley were delivered; but with that impersonal gift which cost him nothing but the drawing of a check he had dismissed his mother from his busy mind, letting her stay in loneliness, live in old dreams. A soft little swish was heard at the door and Mrs. Bartlett entered the room.

To make this little gem of nature in art complete, there fell from over a rock at one end a lovely little waterfall two feet high, which after an angry splash over the stones, rolled on over an absurdly small beech, all white-sanded and pebbled, threading its silver way beyond, until lost in fringes of lilies and aquatic plants.

You are more valuable than the birds. God will take equal care of you if you follow the birds' example. The lilies spin no raiment, yet God clothes them. So shall he clothe you, if you follow their example. The passage has no meaning, the illustrations no appositeness, unless Christ means that no thought is to be taken for the future.

In that place, amid the lights and the riot of color, the silks and satins and jewels, the flushed faces of the crowd, she stood and bowed, a white rose in a bed of tiger lilies, and the crowd rose and shouted at her. The orchestra broke off its triumphal march and the leader stood up, his violin at his shoulder. He played a bar or two and she began to sing.

They went up the lane that led to the church in almost unbroken silence. At the churchyard gate she paused. "I hope there is no one here," she said uneasily. "We need not go in unless you wish," he answered. But when they reached the porch, they found that the church was empty, and so they entered. A heavy scent of lilies pervaded the place.

It may be observed here that the war produced a considerable quantity of indifferent verse on both sides. On that of the English it took the shape of occasional ballads, such as "Bold General Wolfe," printed on broadsides, or of patriotic effusions scattered through magazines and newspapers, while the French celebrated all their victories with songs. Air, Lilies of France.

The duchess was bridesmaid, and beheld the ceremony from the pulpit, where she was supported by the cushion of the desk. Grandmarina gave a magnificent wedding-feast afterwards, in which there was everything and more to eat, and everything and more to drink. The wedding-cake was delicately ornamented with white satin ribbons, frosted silver, and white lilies, and was forty-two yards round.

Wheeler consumed eight fried potatoes in quick succession. He was an able trencherman. "I always looked on you as one of our leading lilies of the field," he said. "Why this anxiety to toil and spin?" "Well, my wife, you know, seems to think it might put me one-up with the jolly old dad if I did something." "And you're not particular what you do, so long as it has the outer aspect of work?"

"I have been reading the Litany," said John, shaking his head with a look of drunken gravity, and having only caught one word of the Major's address to him; "life is short, sir; we are flowers of the field, sir hiccup and lilies of the valley." "Flowers and lilies?