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Love had never chosen a more appetizing form to be the pivot on which human folly perhaps human genius was to spin idly and uselessly, like a beetle on a pin in a naturalist's cabinet.

"Peggy," I said, "what has Charles Edward gone to New York for? Do you know?" Peggy wound a big doughnut spinning around her engagement finger and made no reply. "If it has anything to do with you and Harry Goward, you must tell me, Peggy. You must tell me instantly." Peggy put a doughnut on her wedding finger and observed, with pained perplexity, that it would not spin, but stuck.

Carandas for so was named the manufacturer of machines to weave, to spin, to spool, and to wind the silk was not sufficiently smitten to believe in the innocence of the dyer's wife, and swore a devilish hate against her. But some days afterwards, when he had recovered from his wetting in the dyer's drain he came up to sup with his old comrade.

What do I do? I spin it in the air catch it d'you hear them? There you are twenty! Count 'em if you like." "A dervaish? A holy person? You? Where do you come from?" "I was born in the belly of the South Wind," answered Jeremy. "Where I come from, every shell-fish has a pearl in it and gold is so common that the cattle wear it in their teeth.

I therefore propose that we should either put about ship and fly in terror from the spot, or land valorously on the island and sell our lives as dearly as we can." "I vote for landing; so pull in, lads!" said Jack, giving a stroke with his oar that made the boat spin.

The schoolmaster thought for a few minutes, and then said, "I'll give you one of my own, if you like, Malcolm. I made it some twenty or thirty years ago." Frae the hert o' the warl', wi' a swirl an' a sway, An' a Rin, burnie, rin, That water lap clear frae the dark till the day, An' singin' awa' did spin, Wi' its Rin, burnie, rin.

The boys she encouraged and inspired, and the children were shamed out of their childish tears by mother's bright face and cheery talk. Then she set them all to work. There was corn to plant, wheat to sow, potatoes to set; flax and wool to spin and weave, for clothes would be needed for all, both absent and stay-at-homes.

which placed the whole of Spain at the disposal of the English, the retreat of Suchet upon the Ebro, the fear of seeing the army of Spin annihilated, were enough to alter the opinions of those counsellors who still recommended war.

Marvyn's, "do you know Burr told me that princesses used to spin? He read me a beautiful story from the 'Odyssey, about how Penelope cheated her lovers with her spinning, while she was waiting for her husband to come home; he was gone to sea, Mary, her true love, you understand." She turned on Mary a wicked glance, so full of intelligence that the snowdrop grew red as the inside of a sea-shell.

"Come on, Letitia, and let me take you home," she called over her shoulder, and Letitia followed to secure the short spin around the corner to the old Cockrell home, which was set back from the street behind a tall hedge of waxy-leaved Cherokee roses.