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Yet, because the weave is one we often see in galleries, also on furniture both old and new, it is as well not to ignore its productions in lofty silence. Besides, it is rather interesting, this little branch of an exotic industry that tried to run along beside the greater and more artistic.

When I've finished scribbling this in pencil to you, I shall pack, and be ready for anything. By the way, that reminds me. What a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive, etc.

"This is a dress you will weave for yourself, Mary, out of the finest threads of your own nature out of courage and devotion and self-sacrifice." "Sure, 'tis the poetry-book again! But what is it ye're really meanin'?" He looked about him. "Is anybody here?" "Nobody." But instinctively he lowered his voice as he told his story.

We laugh at it, you and I. We know what it is worth." But Chris was too young to laugh. "I don't quite like it," she said. "I'm very sorry. Shall we talk of something else?" But he still held her hands closely clasped. "Listen, Christine, my little one! These things they pass. They are as a dream in the midst of a great Reality. They are not the materials of which we weave our life.

Behind the slammed door Margaret MacLean eyed the primroses suspiciously. "I wonder is your magic working all right to-day? Please please don't weave any charms against him, little faery people. He is the only other grown-up person who has ever understood the least bit; and I couldn't bear to lose him, too." For the second time that morning she nestled her cheek against the blossoms.

They weave also, and make the clothes of the women and children! The people are all cultivators, and make money also by undertaking the transit of the goods of the Yarkand traders over the lofty passes. The men plough with the zho, or hybrid yak, and the women break the clods and share in all other agricultural operations.

The four-leaved clover is a magic talisman which enables its wearer to detect the whereabouts of fairies, and was said only to grow in their haunts; in reference to which belief Lover thus writes: "I'll seek a four-leaved clover In all the fairy dells, And if I find the charmed leaf, Oh, how I'll weave my spells!"

We had our plates and cup and took it to the pot and they put some victuals in 'em, then we went and et where we pleased. We had all the meat we could eat and all the milk we could drink all the time. Aunt Teena sewed and grandma would weave cloth. They made white aprons. My hair was nice and old mistress would tell Aunt Judy to curl my hair. They rolled it up on cloth and on little light cobs.

Put on thy beauty, foliage-vaulted roof, To greet her entrance, radiant all with grace; Ye branches weave a holy tent, star-proof; With lovely darkness, silent, her embrace; Sweet, wandering airs, creep through the leafy woof, And toy and gambol round her rosy face, When with its load of beauty, lightly borne, Glides in the fairy foot, and brings my morn. Hush!

If Savonnerie has never produced much that is noteworthy in the line of art, at least it has given us many pretty bits of an endearing softness, bits which cover a chair or panel a screen, to the delight of both eye and touch. The softness of the weave makes it especially appropriate to furniture of the age of luxurious interiors which is represented by the styles of Louis XV and Louis XVI.