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The softly arching sky found its color echo in the blue of broad waters and beyond them the Palisades were already beginning to show tenderly green and alluring in spring's resurrection. Out in midstream lay the crouching hulk of a battleship, and its somber gray was the one note that contradicted the softness of the morning.

I ain't squealed. You don't know nothing. Keep that in mind. Shorty went off on his own along with me." At Snass's fire Smoke found Labiskwee. She met him with eyes that shone with such softness and tenderness as to frighten him. "I'm glad you did not try to run away," she said. "You see, I " She hesitated, but her eyes didn't drop. They swam with a light unmistakable.

May the same principle not operate between man and the lower animals? Was it not the gentleness, tenderness, womanliness, softness of Manuela which caused her to dote upon and delight in her steed, though it was a huge, high stepping, arch-necked, rearing, plunging animal something between an Irish hunter and a Mexican warhorse?

"It isn't altogether Martin's fault," began Rose, but Nellie cut her off with a short: "Now, don't you tell me a word about that precious brother of mine! It's as plain to me as the nose on your face that between his bull-headed hardness and your wishy-washy softness you're fixing to ruin one of the best boys God ever put on this earth." "I'll talk to Billy," Rose promised.

Now this comes from a regular coal stratum; and what is more remarkable, in this stratum is contained a true plumbago, Farther up the country, the Earl of Dumfries has also a mine containing plumbago along with other coal strata; and though the plumbago of these two mines have not all the softness and beauty of the mineral of the same species from Cumberland, they are nevertheless perfect plumbago.

And then, as only he had heard men do it, she sank, or leaped he could scarcely say which to the sureness and pureness and ineffable softness of the Andante following.

Week by week the far hills darkened, From the fringing plain of oaks; Till the rains came, and far breaking, On the fierce south-wester tost, Dashed the whole long coast with color, And then vanished and were lost. With these rains the grass springs up, the trees put out, and the winds disappear, leaving in the air a wonderful softness.

From time to time his lazy glance embraced her, a supple graceful creature at perfect ease in the saddle. What was it about her that drew the eye so irresistibly? Prettier girls he had often seen. Her features were irregular, mouth and nose too large, face a little thin. Her contour lacked the softness, the allure that in some women was an unconscious invitation to cuddle.

He would understand that the outward charm of this life its softness, its smiling silence as of dreams signified the rule of the dead.

A man, though the face was cracked in great seams from brow to chin, whilst the black tongue protruded from the split mouth drawn back from the even teeth until the great bloated face seemed to laugh in derision at the moon's softness.