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"Collie, go up to Wils," interposed the hunter. "I want to see Wils. I need to I must. But I'm afraid.... Oh, it will make things worse!" "Go!" She turned away, actuated by more than her will. "Collie!" came the call, piercingly and strangely after her. Bewildered, startled by the wildness of that cry, she wheeled. But Wade was gone. The shaking of the willows attested to his hurry.

The British Division: MAJOR-GENERAL GATACRE Commanding 1st Brigade 2nd Brigade BRIGADIER-GEN. WAUCHOPE BRIGADIER-GEN. LYTTELTON 1st Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regt. 1st Btn. Grenadier Guards " " Lincoln Regiment " " Northumberland Fusiliers " " Seaforth Highlanders 2nd " Lancashire Fusiliers " " Cameron Highlanders " " Rifle Brigade The Egyptian Division: MAJOR-GENERAL HUNTER Commanding

A pretty legend is told of a native hunter following their tracks to this retreat, and not only refusing to betray them but secretly carrying provisions; and some such explanation is needed to know how the four men lived hidden in the mountains from December 9 to February 2, 1764.

The murderers were twelve in number. They made for the bush country. Meanwhile, the avengers reached the murdered man. The body was on its back, just as it had fallen. Death must have relieved the unfortunate hunter before the scalp had been torn from his skull. It was the first time that Victor Ravenshaw had looked upon a slain man.

Hunter swallowed some brandy, and it revived him. After a little while Marjory asked him if he thought he could go to his study, and he replied, "Yes, lassie; but you must help me." Marjory's heart beat fast and her hands trembled as she assisted him to rise. The least movement of his injured hands made him wince.

Hunter had taken the second floor of a small brick house located on a side street. In spite of herself Mara's heart fluttered wildly for a moment when the woman who occupied the first story brought up Clancy's card. "You can't see him to-night," said her aunt, frowning. Mara hesitated a moment, and then said firmly, "Yes, I will see him. Please ask him to come up."

Hunter as Hendrik was, he could not help feeling strongly as he regarded the tableau before him. But he felt that he had not wantonly destroyed these creatures for mere amusement, and that satisfied his conscience. The little fawn would make a famous pet for Jan, who had often wished for one, to be equal with his sister.

Thus a third and a fourth winter passed, and the young hunter was enjoying life on the Salado, where questions of state and nation did not bother him. But this existence had an end. One day in the spring a conveyance drove up to the cabin, and an elderly, well-dressed woman alighted. With the assistance of her driver she ran the gauntlet of dogs and reached the cabin door, which was open.

"But how?" "Through the skylight. We shall soon see how he managed it." He swung himself up onto the roof. "Ah, yes," he cried, "here's the end of a long light ladder against the eaves. That is how he did it." "But it is impossible," said Miss Hunter; "the ladder was not there when the Rucastles went away." "He has come back and done it. I tell you that he is a clever and dangerous man.

"But if it's a rifle, I never seed sich. It looks more like a two-year old cannon." It was, as the major had declared, a Prussian needle-gun then a new invention, but of which I had heard something. "Is it loaded, Major?" I asked, taking the piece from Lincoln. "It is." "Can you hit that man with the sponge?" said I, returning the piece to the hunter.

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