Having satisfied justice, and being risen from the dead as a conqueror, he is now exalted to "be a prince, to give repentance and remission of sins," Acts v. 31. Now repentance and remission of sins his people have need of, after conversion as well as before conversion.

Cinderella indeed looked beautiful as they started for the ball; but her mother, who held a review of her in the drawing-room, was not quite satisfied. "Cinderella!" she said. "You know I said you were to wear the silver slippers!" "Oh, mother, they ARE so tight," pleaded Cinderella. "Don't you remember I told you at the time they were much too small for me?" "Nonsense.

This consideration satisfied her, and at the same time removed all the difficulties which might have prevented her from undertaking the service she had promised her son with the sultan; Aladdin, who penetrated into his mother's thoughts, said to her, "Above all things, mother, be sure to keep secret our possession of the lamp, for thereon depends the success we have to expect"; and after this caution, Aladdin and his mother parted to go to rest.

"Really and indeed it is nothing serious; only I am thinking over what we have seen to-day!" "Oh! but try to go to sleep now, my dear," said Hannah, as if satisfied. "I can't; but, Hannah, I say, are you and Reuben Gray engaged?" "Yes, dear." "How long have you been engaged?" "For more than twelve years, dear." "My good gracious me alive! Twelve years! Why on earth don't you get married, Hannah?"

I retired well satisfied with the honours I received, and the presents which he gave me; and ever since I have devoted myself wholly to my family, kindred, and friends.

But Gaston, I knew, had the management of it; and it is not the husband of every heiress who is satisfied to keep indifferent horses for himself, and provide his wife with six for her coach, and four for her outriders, to say nothing of the finest coach in Paris. But was Francezka happy?

As he put down the glass Vincent came in. 'I was looking for you, the latter began hurriedly, when he had satisfied himself that they were not likely to be overheard. 'I have seen Caffyn! 'Well? said Mark, listlessly. 'It is worse than I thought, was the answer; 'he has got hold of some papers Heaven knows how, but he can prove his case.

In a good man at least, "revenge is," as Lord Bacon says, "a kind of wild justice," and is easily satisfied. The hearts desire upon such a one's enemies is best met and granted when the hate is changed into love and compassion. But it is about hopes rather than prayers that I wish to write.

In a moment the old man appeared to have quite satisfied himself about the matter, for he started off as fast as he could go: "I didn't tell you anything about the fort we built, nor the time we had provisioning it, did I?" said he. "No," answered William, "nothing about a fort."

His brows were knit, and he struggled with a great doubt and an awful joy. "Dearest," he said, "is it real?" "Is it real?" she repeated. Even as a dream, it was so wonderfully beautiful that he was satisfied if it could only continue so, if but for a little while. "Do you think," he begged again, trembling, "that it is going to last much longer?"