He opened the door of the drawing-room with extreme caution and gentleness, bowed, and closed it upon me.

With even greater caution we may venture the assertion that the clergy, both Anglican and Non-Conformist, were still clinging to the superstition. Further generalization would be extremely hazardous.

However, I knew my friend the marquis expected me to return defeated. He gave me my opportunity as a child is indulged with a dangerous plaything, to teach it caution. He would be in his chateau of Plessy, cutting off two days' posting to Paris. And after the first sharp pangs of chagrin and shame at losing the fortune he had placed in my hands, I looked forward with impatience to our meeting.

They advanced with caution, and presently saw the cliff. Below were some thick cedar trees, the tops reaching just above the cliff. "Listen!" cried Snap, and put up his hand for silence. For a full minute they heard nothing, and the others were just going to ask the leader what he had heard when there came a shrill laugh from the cedars. "Ha ha! I am dead! He is dead!" said a ghostly voice.

"They've got up, some of them somehow!" Stern cried. "They'll be at our throats, here, in a moment! Load! Load! You shoot I'll give 'em Pulverite!" No time, now, for caution. While the girl hastily threw in more cartridges, Stern gathered up all the remaining vials of the explosive. These, garnered along his wounded arm which clasped them to his body, made a little bristling row of death.

Up this slope he now moved as carefully as ever, not relaxing his vigilance one jot, but, if possible, calling into play even a larger caution as he found himself drawing nearer to those whom he began to regard as his prey. Moving up this slope, then, in this way, he at length attained the top, and found himself here among the forest trees and underbrush.

We would here caution the reader especially the youthful reader against supposing that from this point our hero was engaged in rescue-work, and continued at it ever after without intermission. Like Samson, with his great strength, he exercised his powers only now and then more than half unconscious of what was in him and on many occasions without any definite purpose in view.

"Why do they leave their cattle at this inn and not show themselves in the kitchen or the courtyard? Why do they not ask for a couple of my rooms?" Wogan stood in the dark and reflected. Then he stepped out of the door with even more caution than he had used when entering by it. He stole silently along to the shed where his trap was housed, and felt beneath the seat.

Nor did many minutes elapse before the word was given, and the army began to move, taking the direction of Nottingham, a town situated on the river, where it was understood that the flotilla lay at anchor. The march was conducted with the same caution and good order that had marked the choice of ground for encamping and the disposition of the troops in position.

Then the lights were extinguished, and from the great traverse, in which was the powder magazine, they brought ten heavy bags of powder, and laid them in the trench, covering them over with the utmost caution, lest a mattock strike a spark from a stone here and there in the earth.