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Lazare stood in the outer hall of the prison, two days after the arrest at Trudaine's lodgings, smoking his morning pipe. Looking toward the courtyard gate, he saw the wicket opened, and a privileged man let in, whom he soon recognized as the chief agent of the second section of Secret Police.

She peered into the stove and discovered that Leontyevna, the maid a one-eyed Cyclop had filled it with birch-wood, whereas it had been agreed that the rotting timber from the summer-house should be used as fuel first. After enjoying a cigarette of his "own" tobacco, the general went out to the courtyard for firewood, returning with a bundle of sticks from the summer-house.

Meanwhile, Francezka and Gaston had withdrawn into the shadow of the courtyard wall, where Gaston continued to whisper in her ear. Count Saxe, however, speaking to me by name, Francezka glanced up, and instantly coming toward me, laid her hand on my arm. "This is my good friend Babache," she said, smiling into my face. "Yes, Mademoiselle," I answered, "this is your good friend Babache."

After they had eaten the meal, Harry proposed that they should go up to the top of one of the central towers of the palace, to obtain a general view of the country. "It would be better to do that than to venture down into the courtyard, at present, Abdool. The sight of our uniforms might give offence, as it would not be understood that we have the rajah's permission to move about the palace.

I did not know its name at the time, nor did I regard the place as we entered, being yet fascinated with the sight of Temple Bar and of the heads of four traitors above it on poles, blackening in the sun; but within the courtyard we turned to the right and mounted a staircase to the head of the second flight and to a closed door on which my father knocked.

Thou dost not favor her in the least. Thou art like Master Jean." "And the saints know that that last is the holy truth, whatever the rest may be," thought Benoit, as he bustled about the courtyard. "But thy tongue is the tongue of an imbecile," said Victor, following him into the stable. "Ay, that it is, sir," replied Benoit, humbly.

Sand took his arm, and spoke for the third time, saying once more, "Well, what are you waiting for, gentlemen? I am ready." When they reached the courtyard, Sand saw all the prisoners weeping at their windows.

It is a rambling pile of old buildings, in the center of the town, with a courtyard in the middle, and in it a deep well, boring down I know not how far into the rock, and always full of cold sweet water. The nuns have all gone now; and I look in vain up at the narrow slits in the masonry, which served them for windows, for the glance of a worldly or a pious eye.

In the centre, covered by a roof like a temple-dome in miniature, was the ice-cold spring, whose existence made the fort tenable. Under the veranda, on a long, low lounge, was a sight that arrested his attention held him spell-bound drew him, tingling in a way he could not have explained drew him drew him, slow-footed, awkward, red across the courtyard.

It happened once, when Fyodor Pavlovitch was drunk, that he dropped in the muddy courtyard three hundred-rouble notes which he had only just received. He only missed them next day, and was just hastening to search his pockets when he saw the notes lying on the table. Where had they come from? Smerdyakov had picked them up and brought them in the day before.