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It was a tragedy to have such a lovely scheme as I had thought up on the spur of the moment, knocked down suddenly by a half dozen positive words from a mere man, and for a moment my eyes fought with his in open rebellion. Then I rose haughtily and walked out on the front porch.

"I have just heard," she said, having knocked at the door of his own room, and having found him alone, "I have just heard, for the first time, that there is a row about the money you paid to Mr. Lopez." "Who told you?" "Nobody told me, in the usual sense of the word. I presumed that something was the matter, and then I got it out from Marie. Why had you not told me?" "Why should I tell you?"

Up to one o'clock in the day no great advantage had been gained on either side. Spars had been carried away; there were yawning gaps in the bulwarks; portholes had been knocked into one, guns dismounted, and many killed; but as yet no vessel on either side had been damaged to an extent that obliged her to strike her flag, or to fall out of the fighting line.

He was going out when she knocked and he opened the door." "You didn't hear what they said?" "I ain't a eavesdropper. They spoke friendly and went away together." Mr. GEORGE GRODMAN was called, and repeated his evidence at the inquest. Cross-examined, he testified to the warm friendship between Mr. Constant and the prisoner. He knew very little about Miss Dymond, having scarcely seen her.

There were the puppet-booths, before which all day stood gaping, delighted crowds, who roared with laughter whenever the little frau beat her loutish husband about the head, and set him to tend the baby, who continued to wail, notwithstanding the man knocked its head against the doorpost.

They all seem to regard that as the eighth wonder of the world. The position doesn't require a marvel of intelligence; almost any one with a teaspoonful of brains could fill it." "Why no, they couldn't. But that's nothin' to do with it. I see what's the matter with you, Ros. You think all hands are knocked on their beam ends because you've gone to work.

"Ay, ay, Sir Colin; ye ken us, and we ken you." "I think you all know," began the captain, "the reason of this meeting being called together. Last night Browse was set on in this room in the dark, mind you knocked down, and drenched with cold water. Some fellows may think it a good joke. I don't; I think the fellows who did it were cads and cowards.

Is there no truth in you? he added, after a pause, which only terrified her more and more. 'Whom did you give it to? 'Constance! The word came out she hardly knew how, as something which at least was true. Colonel Mohun knocked at the door of the room she had come from. It was instantly opened, and Miss Hacket began, 'The poor dear!

When, somewhere about one o'clock, he entered his dressing-room, he was suddenly alarmed by a smell of burning. It seemed to come from Kitty's room. He knocked hastily at her door. "Kitty!" No answer. He opened the door, and stood arrested.

"Yes, sir; and I told you that, after what happened in a certain wood, it was practically impossible." "You mean because I thrashed a scoundrel?" "I mean because you knocked down a friend of the Prince Regent." "And is Carnaby so very powerful, Peterby?" "Sir, he is the Prince's friend!