Rub the butter and flour together, add the milk, stir until boiling, add two tablespoonfuls of the soaked gelatin, a half teaspoonful of salt and a little white pepper. Take from the fire and add hastily the beaten yolks of the eggs. Cover the bottom of a cold baking pan with muffin rings, put one sweetbread into each muffin ring.

When cold, serve. POTATO SALAD. Cut up into slices two quarts of boiled potatoes while hot; add to them a teaspoonful each of chopped onion and parsley; pour over them a liberal quantity of plain salad dressing. If the potatoes should then appear too dry, add a little hot water, or better still, soup stock; toss lightly so as not to break the slices; then place the salad on ice to become cold.

BAKING. Bake on the bare oven shelf, floored. If possible have a few holes bored in the shelf. This is not absolutely necessary, but any tinker or ironmonger will perforate your shelf for a few pence. Better still are wire shelves, like sieves. Start with a hot oven, but not too hot. To test, sprinkle a teaspoonful of flour in a patty pan, and put in the oven for five minutes.

With vegetables add one level teaspoonful of salt to each quart container and fill with boiling water. With fruits use syrups. With glass jars always use a good rubber. Test the rubber by stretching or turning inside out. Fit on the rubber and put the lid in place. If the container has a screw top do not screw up as hard as possible, but use only the thumb and little finger in tightening it.

As they are only good hot, do just enough for the patient's appetite at one time. Toast one or two thin slices of bread; dip quickly in a little salted boiling water, and spread on a little butter. Boil a teacupful of milk; thicken with a teaspoonful of flour mixed in a little cold water with a pinch of salt; lay the toast in a small, hot, deep plate, and pour over the milk.

Two ounces of macaroni, vermicelli, pearl barley, sago, tapioca, rice, or oatmeal, are usually allowed for each quart of stock. If you wish to darken soup use a teaspoonful of caramel; but avoid burnt flour, carrot, and onion, as all these give a bad flavor.

Mix together one teaspoonful of mustard, one teaspoonful of salt, and quarter of a saltspoonful of cayenne, and add to the butter and egg. Stir in slowly, instead of oil, one cup of cream, and add the juice of one lemon and half a cup of vinegar. This is good also for vegetable salads.

And to Gwendolyn's father, "Why, that wretched girl didn't read the directions on the bottle!" There was another silence. The two men stared at each other. But Gwendolyn's mother, her face paler than before, bent above the yellow head on the pillow. "After I drank that teaspoonful," went on Gwendolyn, "Jane wouldn't believe me. And so she made me take the other."

The lean-to door was off its hinges, but wooden pins held the oak braces of the frame in position. We knocked out the pins, and prying out two of the braces, split them, and then beat the pieces on the newspapers. The white powder ran from the perforated wood in tiny streams. The bottle filled slowly, however, and it needed much splitting and hammering to obtain even a teaspoonful of powder-post.

Beat together the eggs, salt, sugar and half a teaspoonful of ginger; stir the butter into the meal and milk; pour this gradually on the egg mixture. Bake slowly one hour. Prom MRS. MARIAM D. COOPER, of Montana, Alternate Lady Manager. Three large tablespoons corn meal.