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The geese on the green downs, just below the village, had clearly never even heard of Calvin; they were luxuriating in a series of plunges into the deep pools in a way to prove complete ignorance of nice sabbatarian laws. With our first toss upon the downs, a world of new and fresh experiences began.

"You looked a raven, and I saw you dig worms out of the earth with your beak." "And then?" "Toss them in the air." "And then?" "They grew butterflies, and flew away." "Did you ever see a raven do that? I told you I was a sexton!" "Does a sexton toss worms in the air, and turn them into butterflies?" "Yes." "I never saw one do it!" "You saw me do it!

Here, she said, giving her head a little toss, 'I am I; and every native for miles around knows the "Water-lily", for that is what they call me and is ready to do what I want, but in the books that I have read about little girls in England it is not like that. Everybody thinks them a trouble, and they have to do what their schoolmistress likes.

Sometimes he would ride off up a loaning to some farm-town where he had a job to be seen to, or rap with the butt of his loaded whip at the door of some roadside inn the Four Mile house or Crocketford, where he would call for a tankard and drain it off, as it were, with one toss of the head. It was easy to be seen that, for some reason of his own, he did not wish to get to Heathknowes before us.

'Good-evening, Sir, said Aunt Becky, with an energetic toss of her head, having discharged her shot; and with an averted countenance, and in high disdain, she swept grandly on, quite forgetting her niece, who said a pleasant word or two to Puddock as she passed, and smiled so kindly, and seemed so entirely unconscious of his mortification, that he was quite consoled, and on the whole was made happy and elated by the rencontre, and went home to his wash-balls and perfumes in a hopeful and radiant, though somewhat excited state.

Sophia doesn't draw badly, but she wants feeling." The young lady thus coldly commended gave her head rather a supercilious toss as she replied, "You must remember that I have higher duties than sketching, papa," she said; "I cannot devote all my existence to ferns and blackberry-bushes."

The man is a soldier a soldier born. Why should he turn priest now? I pray you, think again. He was quick of wit; the Queen's meaning was clear to him; he rose with seeming innocence to the fly, and she landed him at the first toss. But what is forward bodes no good to you, dear star of heaven. I have known the Queen for half a lifetime.

When the body had been wrapped in the winding-sheet, I saw it laid hold of by a multitude of devils, who seemed to toss it to and fro, and also to treat it with great cruelty. I was terrified at the sight, for they dragged it about with great hooks.

What of that, so that unquenchable flame in her soul, that restlessly pursued and conquered and cast aside, might be satisfied? Was that not what women were made for, to conquer men and toss them away? If they did not would not men conquer them and toss them away? She was but fulfilling her womanhood as she had been taught to look upon it.

If ever you try to escape from my service my Bull of the Mound will toss you into the air and trample you into the ground." Crom Duv blew on a horn that he had across his chest. The Bull of the Mound rushed down the slope snorting. Crom Duv shouted and the bull stood still with his tremendous head bent down. Flann's heart, I tell you, sank, when he saw the bull that guarded Crom Duv's house.