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And, taking up his whip, he prepared to drive away. "How long have they been as bad as this?" The cabman dropped his hand again, as though glad to rest it, and answered incoherently: "Thirty-five year I've been drivin' a cab." And, sunk again in contemplation of his horse's tail, he could only be roused by many questions to express himself, having, as it seemed, no knowledge of the habit.

He had left his friends while hunting, and came in booted and spurred, and whip in hand. "Dear Paul," said Natalie, "you don't know what an answer you are giving to madame." When Paul heard of the gossip that was current in Bordeaux, he laughed instead of being angry.

There were bars of snow over which we must pilot our top in the spoon end of our whip; then again we would toss it in the air on to another open spot of ice or smooth snow-crust from twenty to fifty paces away. The top that holds out the longest is the winner. We loved to play in the water.

"What acknowledgment?" asked the Whip sipping his port wearily, for such negotiations were no new thing to him. "I mean, how do you spell it?" "With a P," said Mr. Blake boldly, acting on his usual principle of asking for more than he hoped to get. The Whip contemplated him through his eyeglass with a mild and interested stare. "Out of the question, my dear fellow," he said.

He then seized it in the centre and was thus armed with a sort of double-pointed stiletto, which he brandished with a threatening gesture. Marillac, at this sight, drew back a few paces, passed his whip to his left hand and, arming himself with his Corsican poniard, placed himself in a position of defence.

Dad says if there was an Irish nation with an army and navy, the whole world would have to combine to whip them, and yet the nation that has the control of the Irish people treats them worse than San Francisco treats Chinamen, makes them live on potatoes, and allows landlords to take away the potatoes if they are shy on the rent.

The only other amusement worth speaking about was the churches. Far as the churches was concerned, they had to steal out and go to them. Old man Balm Whitlow can tell you all about the way they held church. They would slip off in the woods and carry a gang of darkies down, and the next morning old master would whip them for it.

I was speechless with frightened delight over her words, and the pressure of her hand. I turned to the trainer before I went to my room over the tin-shop. "You say the leopards are most dangerous?" "Yes." "For twenty-five dollars a night I will go in with them, alone, and run them around with a whip."

I'll take a book of flies and whip that stream to a froth." Emerson interrupted him to explain briefly the process of salmon-catching, but the young man was not to be discouraged. "You give me something to do something where I don't have to lift heavy weights or carry boxes and watch me work!

She always carried a whip with a whistle in the handle; and the sight of the instrument of punishment ought to have been enough for Tray, since there was no farther application of it. In reality, the sharp-sighted little animal no more obeyed the veritable whistle than he winced under the supposititious lash of the whip.