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It is grand literature, and it is grand pluck too; for it came from a man who, through no fault of his own, had been pruned, and pruned again, like an ill-grown shrub, by the surgeon's knife. When he said "In the fell clutch of Circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud, Beneath the bludgeonings of Chance My head is bloody but unbowed."

She had never wholly cared for him; she did not at all care for him now. She had dreaded him, winced before him, succumbed to adroit advantages he took of her helplessness; then, temporarily blinded by his ardent manners, had been stirred to confused surrender awhile: had suddenly despised and disliked him, and had run away. That was all.

She was apt, when agitated, to fall back upon the pronunciation of her girlhood, before Austin Lovel had winced and ejaculated at her various mutilations of the language. "I was just taking forty winks after my bit of dinner." "I am so sorry I disturbed you," said Clarissa, in her gracious way. "You were tired, I daresay." "O, pray don't mention it!

But he winced at the suggestion, while his heart leaped at the fantastic thought of hanging that money-belt at her altar, and so easing himself of all his pains. He grotesquely imagined the American defaulters in Canada making a pilgrimage to St. Anne, and devoting emblems of their moral disease to her: forged notes, bewitched accounts, false statements.

The old woman's visage beamed with joy, as she seized the hand, and scrambled on the sledge. Then the lash came round with the wonted crack. The dogs winced, but did not suffer, for Angut was merciful to his beasts, and away they went at full speed Okiok having dashed off in similar fashion with his two sons and Simek in another direction a few minutes before them.

Whether drunk or sober he has nothing to commend him, and I believe him to be utterly irreclaimable and lost." "In this world perhaps. But not necessarily in the next? Do you decline, then, to continue the work of reformation?" He winced, and upon recalling what he had said saw his error. "No, I retract that.

We will all remember that glorious day, when we have forgotten many things that have happened since." Poor Denot winced dreadfully under the blow, which Henri so innocently inflicted; but ho merely said "No I will not go with you you needn't ask me, for my mind is made up.

And he arrived with all the prestige of the Glen-Ellachie connection." "Or the Professor?" I went on. "Introduced to us by the leading mineralogist of England." I had touched a sore point. Charles winced and remained silent. "Then, women again," he resumed, after a painful pause. "I must meet in society many charming women.

Mrs Ramsden winced at the sound of that significant little pronoun, which now, for the first time in twenty-three years, failed to include herself. Now she was an outsider, for her child's heart and life alike had passed from her keeping: It is a bitter moment for all mothers; doubly bitter when, as to Mrs Ramsden, the supplanter seems unworthy of his trust. "Happiness is not everything, Elma!

You fool, you fool, with your Giraldis and Aurelias and Jesuit dogs with your head in the air, and your heart in your hand to be thrown like soldi to these routing swine! Misery, ah, misery!" She flung her head sideways that she should not look at me, and with her hands gripped my shoulders till I winced.

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