Sir Miles's affection once won, his penetration not, perhaps, blinded to her more evident faults, but his self-love soothed towards regarding them leniently, there was much in Lucretia's external gifts which justified the predilection of the haughty man.

Mark you, father, when God blinded their eyes to the coming of the Lord Christ, He opened them very wide to all lower matters. Their imagination is quick to kindle, and they are as bold in merchantcraft as Charlemagne in war. They saw what I was after before I had been a month at it, and were quick to profit by my foresight.

These men were not men of mere ordinary intelligence; their cleverness, their power, the amazing scope of their organisation, all bore grim witness to the fact that they would be blinded not at all by any paltry ruse. He could walk out of the house in the morning as Jimmie Dale without apparent hindrance that was obvious enough.

The words of his song were not uttered aloud, but yet he sang them silently "Every night long and all night my spirit is moaning and crying O dear gazelle, that has taken away my peace! Ah! if my beloved come not, my eyes will be blinded with weeping Moon of my joy, come to me, hark to the call of my soul!" Over and over he kept chanting the song.

The prick of a knife was used and often to apprise the blinded prisoners that if they did not move they would be piked.

The guide raised a stone trap door less than two feet square in the stone floor and through this small entrance we squeezed, candle in hand, and descended a stone stairway to explore the dark crypt underneath. Although the ladies screamed when the bats, disturbed and blinded by the light, flew wildly overhead, they bravely followed the guide.

But Lieutenant Metcalf smiled and went quietly ahead, asking for and receiving orders to scout. He received them the more readily, as all the scouts in the squadron, including the torpedo-flotilla and two battle-ships, had come in with blinded crews. Their stories were the same they had all seen the mysterious colored lights, had gone blind, and a few had felt the itching and tingling of sunburn.

He was so blinded by passion that he forgot that all actions have their inevitable results. Czartoryski had determined not only to exclude the House of Saxony from the succession, but to dethrone the member of that family who was reigning.

"I will tell you presently, but let us go into a coffeehouse." "Are you in company with a band of brigands? What are you sighing at?" "I must confess it, however painful it may be to my feelings. I am with a woman." "A woman! and you a priest!" "Forgive me. I was blinded by love, and seduced by my senses and her beauty, so I seduced her under a promise to marry her at Geneva.

'I marvel not at your winning, O Ossian, seeing that Oscar is doing his best for you, and that the skilled knowledge of Dearing, and the prompting of Diarmid, are all with you. 'Now your eyes must be blinded, O Fionn, to think that Diarmid would stay in that tree when you are beneath him. 'Which of us has the truth on his side, O Diarmid? said Fionn, looking up.