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In some cases penetration of the esophagus allows the further penetration of some neighboring membrane or organ in the same manner as the foregoing cases. Dudley mentions a case in which fatal hemorrhage was caused by penetration of the esophagus and lung by a chicken-bone. Buist speaks of a patient who swallowed two artificial teeth.

The thoroughness of their penetration is witnessed to this day by the Slavonic names which still cling to at least a third of the villages, rivers, and mountains in European Greece, and are found in the most remote as well as in the most accessible quarters of the land. With the coming of the Slavs darkness descends like a curtain upon Greek history.

Still, with his penetration of the future, he realized that the old, careful processes were doomed. He had difficulty in assembling enough adequate workmen to fill the increasing contracts for bar iron and rails now; and the demand, with the extension of steam railways, would grow resistlessly.

Lindsay, watching her countenance as she bent over her drawing. "Who told you, sir, that I was one in any department?" She looked up suddenly, with flashing eyes. "There is no need to be told. I can readily perceive it." "Your penetration is at fault, then. Of all others, the charge of pyrrhonism is the last I merit."

We have used Colt's 51-inch rifle, and also his rifled carbine, very freely, and tested them thoroughly for range, precision, penetration, and capacity for continued service, and for our own use in hunting are entirely satisfied with the performance of this rifle, and should be at a loss to imagine any possible demand of a hunter's weapon which it would fail to meet.

The bullet had hit the game bag at her side; it was full of spools of metal tape, in metal cases, and notes in written form, pyrographed upon sheets of plastic ring fastened into metal binders. Because of their extreme velocity, Akor-Neb bullets were sure killers when they struck animal tissue, but for the same reason, they had very poor penetration on hard objects.

You are a married woman, of course, for your dress is not that of a nun, nor of a widow. Have you children? Are your parents living?" "I have no child," said Philippa: and the Grey Lady's penetration must have been obtuse if she were unable to detect a tone of deep sadness underlying the words. "And parents living did you ask me?

She endeavoured to supply her slightest wants, exerted all her penetration to discover them, that she might even spare her the pain of asking for any thing. So long as her mother's illness had the least appearance of danger, she never quitted her pillow, and neither threats nor commands could prevail on her to take the least repose. Mrs.

"I believe that one in glasses and brown kids is he," she said to herself, regarding him curiously; and as if to reward her penetration he rose suddenly and came over, book in hand, to the seat directly in front of where they were sitting. "Good evening, Abbie," was his greeting. "We want to sing this hymn, and have not the tune. Can you lead it without the notes?"

A moderate share of penetration, with great attention, will infallibly make these necessary discoveries. This is the true knowledge of the world; and the world is a country which nobody ever yet knew by description; one must travel through it one's self to be acquainted with it.

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