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II. The immediate cause of dropsy is the paralysis of some other branches of the absorbent system, which are called lymphatics, and which open into the larger cavities of the body, or into the cells of the cellular membrane; whence those cavities or cells become distended with the fluid, which is hourly secreted into them for the purpose of lubricating their surfaces.

The cerebellum is separated from the cerebrum by a horizontal partition of membrane, a portion of the dura mater. In some animals, as in the cat, this partition is partly bone. The cerebellum is connected with other parts of the nervous system by strands of white matter on each side, radiating from the center and divided into numerous branches.

The activity is supplied by the musculature of the body through the mastery impulse; the erogenous mucous membrane of the bowel manifests itself above all as an organ with a passive sexual aim, for both strivings there are objects present, which however do not merge together. Besides them there are other partial impulses which are active in an autoerotic manner.

Wolfer has been successful in transplanting the mucous membranes of frogs, rabbits, and pigeons to a portion of mucous membrane previously occupied by cicatricial tissue, and was the first to show that on mucous surfaces, mucous membrane remains mucous membrane, but when transplanted to skin, it becomes skin.

The mucous membrane and tissues of the nose have an abundance of vitality, like most hard workers, and usually react, overwhelm, and destroy the invading germs, and recover from the attack; but the useless and half-dead tissue of the pharyngeal tonsil has much less power of recuperation, and it smoulders and inflames, though ultimately, perhaps, it may swing round to recovery.

Separate the shell from the lining membrane at one end of an egg, over an area about one inch in diameter. To do this without injuring the membrane, the shell must first be broken into small pieces and then picked off with a pair of forceps, or a small knife blade.

Those with the pistils are also in catkins, but very small, like a bud. The bud spreads into a little branchlet and bears the flowers at the tip. The calyx is not seen at first; it is a mere membrane covering the ovary. By degrees the ovary swells into the acorn and the membrane becomes part of the shell." "I like acorns," said little Edith, "they're so nice to play with."

Mushrooms and oysters also contain some, but in a very small proportion. Food in which this principle exists appears to impress upon the membrane of the stomach an increase of activity; the digestion is easy, and from a small mass of alimentary substance an abundant chyle is obtained.

The bursa may be derived from the synovial membrane of the adjacent joint with which its cavity sometimes communicates, or it may be of adventitious origin; when it is the seat of bursitis and becomes distended with fluid, it may mask the underlying exostosis, which then requires a radiogram for its demonstration. [Illustration: FIG.

Such cases are, however, of the rarest occurrence, while there are not a few persons in whom one may even see down the windpipe as far as its division into the two main bronchial tubes, and inflammation may thus often be traced from the vocal bands far down the mucous membrane common to the larynx, windpipe, etc.

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