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It will stimulate the circulation in the deeper tissues, and set the various fluids of the body moving in a beneficial manner.

The cells and tissues of their bodies will gradually become clogged with morbid encumbrances, and this will inevitably lead to physical and mental deterioration. General Rules

The activity of any part or tissue of the plant, and consequently all of the activities of the plant as a whole, are but the combined and co-operating activities of the various individual cells of which the tissues are composed. The living cell, therefore, is at the basis of all plant life.

They are active cells, capable of locomotion and able to crawl out of the blood-vessels Not infrequently they are found to take into their bodies small objects with which they come in contact. One of their duties is thus to engulf minute irritating bodies which may be in the tissues, and to carry them away for excretion.

After its work is done, and the blood returns to the right side of the heart, it is of a dark purple color. This change in color takes place in the capillaries, and is due to the fact that there the blood gives up most of its oxygen to the tissues and receives from them a great deal of carbon dioxid.

As she had been everywhere, and had "taste," when it was not so usual to have taste as it is now, she had "picked up" priceless articles, in the shape of tapestries, embroideries, silken tissues no longer made, delicate bits of Eastern carpet, soft falling drapery of curtains, such as artistically arranged in almost any room, impressed upon it the Contessa's individuality, and made something dainty and luxurious among the meanest surroundings.

Combining with oxygen. Ox'y gen. A colorless, odorless, tasteless gas, which forms about one-fifth of the earth's atmosphere. It is found in all animal and vegetable tissues. When it combines with other substances, a certain amount of heat is produced; and if the process is sufficiently rapid, a flame is seen. Pulse.

He brings together many facts to support the view that in the living tissues impaired circulation, and especially diminished oxidation, are the chief causes of increased affinity of the colloids for water. Such affinity increased by the impairment of the intra-ocular circulation, may well constitute a factor making for malignancy in glaucoma.

Where extensive suturing of tissues has been necessary, subjects must be kept quiet. They are best confined in box stalls and not taken out for several weeks. Particularly is this true where transverse division of extensors has taken place. Sutures are removed at the end of from ten days to three weeks as cases permit.

It was found that by following this method, the tissues could be made to live indefinitely. When an animal is in the early stages of its development, the growth of its tissues is necessarily greater as it matures, there being steady diminution after a certain age until the growth altogether ceases, and the size of the animal is determined.