I sent Johnson after more varnish. Also, I secured several other fluids, including water, milk, ink, and machine oil. And when the painter returned we proceeded with a very thorough test indeed. Presently it became clear that we were dealing with a phenomenon of the Blind Spot.

In a body, which is only a heap of fibres, a mass of nerves, contiguous one to the other, united in a common center, always ready to act; in a whole, composed of fluids and solids, of which the parts are in equilibrium, the smallest touching each other, are active in their motion, communicating reciprocally, alternately and in succession, the impression, oscillations, and shocks they receive; in such a composition, it is not surprising that the slightest impulse propagates itself with celerity; that the shocks excited in its remotest parts, make themselves quickly felt in the brain, whose delicate texture renders it susceptible of being itself very easily modified.

VI. The movements of their adapted fluids in the various vessels of the body are carried forwards by the actions of those vessels in consequence of two kinds of stimulus, one of which may be compared to a pleasurable sensation or desire inducing the vessel to seize, and, as it were, to swallow the particles thus selected from the blood; as is done by the mouths of the various glands, veins, and other absorbents, which may be called glandular appetency.

Never in his life before had he known the full meaning of fatigue, fatigue that was like a paralysis, blunting the mechanism of the brain, burning like a slow fire in his muscles, poisoning the vital fluids of his nerves. Stroke after stroke, never ceasing! The flame was high, crackling just before him. Through a rift in the trees he could see the outline of two men and the slim form of the girl.

If in the study of the statics of a simple fluid the experimental results are already complex, we ought to expect much greater difficulties when we come to deal with mixtures; still the problem has been approached, and many points are already cleared up. Mixed fluids may first of all be regarded as composed of a large number of invariable particles.

The result is the total resistance at the rails in lbs. per ton. 500.Q. How comes it, that the resistance of fluids increases as the square of the velocity, instead of the velocity simply?

The importance of a greater or less deduction of heat from the system will be more easy to comprehend, if we first consider the great expense of sensorial power used in carrying on the vital motions; that is, which circulates, absorbs, secretes, aerates, and elaborates the whole mass of fluids with unceasing assiduity.

The function of the seminal fluids, therefore, appears to be to restore to the aging tissues this property, this animal matter, which when in its right ratio and proportion in the cells of the organism produces the condition of youth. The action of these seminal fluids, therefore, seems to be two-fold, a dissolving and a nourishing.

His theory of the lever was the foundation of statics till the discovery of the composition of forces in the time of Newton, and no essential addition was made to the principles of the equilibrium of fluids and floating bodies till the time of Stevin, in 1608.

Cheese is sometimes difficult of digestion, as on account of its solid form it is not easily acted upon by the digestive fluids. Meats. The flesh of animals is one of our main sources of food. Containing a large amount of proteid, it is admirably adapted for building up and repairing the tissues of the body. The proportion of water is also high, varying from 50 to 75 per cent.