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What appetites we had and what festive meals those were, especially when a cream cheese, homemade, was there to complete the banquet! Near us blazed the huge fireplace, in which whole tree trunks were consumed in the extreme cold weather.

I had been living on cheese and brown bread and cold lamb for two weeks, with no tobacco, and sleeping five hours a night on floors and sofas. Sometimes the officers and men fought for food, and we never got anything warm to eat except occasionally tinned things which we cooked in my kit. It was the most satisfactory trip all round I ever had.

Where had he found this power? she wondered, and by what miracle had he been able to make it his own? "If I told you, I dare say it wouldn't enlighten you much," he answered. "Isn't it enough to confess that I've done my share of crying for the moon?" "And if it had dropped into your hands, you would have found, probably, that it was made only of green cheese," she replied.

"Give them pleasure! of course, I suppose it would; but are we to give everybody pleasure that we can? At that rate, why not invite our footmen and chambermaids too? Why stop?" "I suppose that will be the next thing," said Mrs. Randolph. "Daisy, you must not eat that cheese." "What's Daisy's notion?" said Mrs. Gary, appealing to her brother-in-law. "A child's notion," said Mr. Randolph.

Stopping short to examine the work, he found it so perfectly executed, that feeling himself conquered, full of astonishment, and, as it were startled out of himself, he dropped the hands which were holding up his apron, wherein he had placed the purchases, when the whole fell to the ground, eggs, cheese, and other things, all broken to pieces and mingled together.

Had I interfered for you," she said, colouring a little, "M. de Brie would have inferred interest in the master from that in the man, and he had seen to your beating himself." It suddenly dawned on me that this M. de Brie was the "little cheese" of guard-room gossip.

"Fruit salad?" "No, thank you." "Spot of pie?" "No, thanks." "One of those glue things on toast?" "No, thank you." She took a cheese straw. I found a cold egg which I had overlooked. Then I said "I mean to say" just as she said "I think I know", and there was another collision. "I beg your pardon." "I'm sorry." "Do go on." "No, you go on."

Entering the general sitting-room without ceremony, his eyes fell upon a supper-table and Master Cheese; the latter regaling himself upon apple-puffs to his heart's content. "Where are the Misses West?" asked Lionel. "Gone to a party," responded the young gentleman, as soon as he could get his mouth sufficiently empty to speak. "Where to?" "To Heartburg, sir.

Having had five myself, I'm quite familiar with the how of it." There came a horrified gasp from the women listening. "Cheese it!" Sadie whispered, fiercely. From her study of the favorite author, she surmised that Mrs. McMahon was wandering far afield from the small talk of a Clara Vere De Vere. "Your subject for conversation is really positively shocking and disgusting," she added, aloud.

Set therefore apart whatever you get from each house, and bring it to me. And it was done exactly as Mord commanded, and in fourteen days the women came back, all bearing large bundles. 'Who gave you the most? asked Mord, and one woman answered: 'Hallgerda, the wife of Gunnar; she gave us a cheese cut into great slices. 'I will keep that cheese, said Mord.