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Nathan Spiderwitz waited until Sadie had finished and then entrusted the five gleaming pennies to her care while he wildly bolted an appetizing combination of dark brown-bread and uncooked salmon. Becky reposed upon the chatelaine bag and waved her still damp shoes exultantly. Eva lay, face downward beside her, and peered wonderingly deep into the roots of things.

She said: "'Sadie, if they'd taken one half the pains to show me they cared and wanted to help long ago when I was an honest, self-respectin', hard-workin' homesick girl I wouldn't have been here for them to help now. And well, I never forgot it. That's all. It ain't that I'm objectin' to the rescue work it's a fine thing, and they ought to do it.

But there is always satisfaction in overcoming difficulties, for such conquest never fails to strengthen and uplift. Between Sadie and herself there existed the tenderest relations. Every day seemed to draw them closer to each other, for divine Love was now the mutually acknowledged bond between them.

He's doing very well up there, and it takes him two hours to get the length of Main Street on the first day after he arrives. Every one has to hear about it. Sadie Gastit comes home from Des Moines with a baby; regular custom of hers. Sometimes she makes the same baby do for two years, but usually it's a new one.

Katherine sprang out of bed and went to her. "Sadie, tell me, what is the trouble?" she said, laying a gentle hand upon her shoulder. "Oh, I have a horrible toothache," she girl replied, adding: "I did not mean to wake you, but the pain is simply unbearable," and, throwing back the covers, she sat up and rocked to and fro in agony. "What can I do for you?"

Moreover, she wondered with some curiosity what Mrs. Charnock had to say to her. Sadie sat down and waited until she recovered breath. "You know who I am," she remarked presently. "Bob can drive all right, but he's too easy with the team. I don't see why I should get down before I want because the horses are scared by a paper."

Her mother, listening with startled senses as the familiar voice fell on her ear, could but think that that petition was answered; and Ester felt it in her very soul, Dr. Douglass, her mother, Sadie, all of them were as nothing there was only this dying man and Christ, and she pleading that the passing soul might be met even now by the Angel of the covenant.

He wiggled and squirmed, but still he was held fast. "Oh, if he has to stay stuck in there all the while Bunny can't be in the show!" said Sadie West. "We'll get him out!" declared Charlie Star. "Come on, Harry, you and George each take hold of him on one side, and Bobby Boomer and I'll pull his legs." "My legs aren't caught!" said Bunny. "It's my shoulders!"

I've heard of people who didn't know enough to come in when it rained, but I never met one before." The old man started, lifted his hairy, sinewy arm, bared to the elbow, and wiped his bare throat with the dry side of it. Then a look of intelligence albeit half aggressive came into his face. "Wheer beest tha going?" he asked. Something in his voice struck Sadie like a vague echo.

The next instant he fairly started with surprise at the tense something in Sadie Dean's voice, as she said: "But he doesn't want her to stop. He doesn't want any one of us to make any difference for him. It's that that hurts him so. She doesn't understand. She doesn't understand! But I do. She thinks she does, though!" Something in words or manner sent a sudden pang to Jimmy's heart.

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