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"We must," said Mr. Crawshay, and leaned back comfortably, and began twirling his stubby thumbs. Raffles turned to me with a twinkle in his eye; but his forehead was scored with thought, and resolve mingled with resignation in the lines of his mouth. And he spoke exactly as though he and I were alone in the room. "You seize the situation, Bunny?

"Could we have Splash in?" asked Bunny. "The dog? Why do you want him?" asked Mrs. Brown. "We could tie a basket around his neck," explained Bunny, "and he could be the grocery delivery dog!" "Oh, yes!" laughed Sue. "No," said Mother Brown, with a gentle shake of her head, "you can't have Splash in now. He has been splashing through mud puddles and he'd soil the clean kitchen floor.

Men are like that, aren't they? Not men like you of course, but you're the big exception to almost every rule." Jake was frowning a little. "I guess I'm as human as the rest of 'em," he said. "But what makes you think Bunny isn't a stayer?" "He's so young," said Toby. "That all?" said Jake, beginning to smile. She looked at him rather wistfully. "Yes, but it counts, Jake.

"The spark of mad Raincy blood is in the whelp," he confided to his friends; "the same his grandfather has. They can look positively murderous sometimes." Sir Bunny was taken aback to find Julian waiting for him in Miss Aline's white and gold drawing-room at Ladykirk. "Am I, then, to congratulate you?" he said to Julian Wemyss, with false good nature.

I’m going to keep you forever,” said the boy, looking in through the wire cage at Sammie. “I’ve always wanted a rabbit and now I have one.” Well, poor Sammie asked the boy to let him go, but the boy didn’t understand rabbit language, and maybe he wouldn’t have let the bunny go, anyhow.

One morning, about two weeks after the play-circus had been given, and Ben Hall had gone back to the real show, to learn to be a clown, Bunker Blue brought the great big automobile up to the farmhouse. "All aboard!" cried Bunker. "All aboard for Bellemere and Sandport Bay! Come on, Bunny and Sue!" Into the automobile, that was like a little house on wheels, climbed Bunny and Sue. Mr. and Mrs.

It was lucky he had put it there, or, when the box was knocked over, the pennies and five cent pieces might have been scattered in the grass and lost. But everything was all right, and not a glass was broken, for they fell in soft, grassy places. The lemonade was spilled, of course, a little of it going on Bunny and Sue. But they did not mind that.

"You are careless folks, I do declare, To let the soot blow everywhere." Bunny Cotton-Tail coughed, and Susan sneezed, and Grandpa Grumbles said, "Into the kitchen, one, seven, three, You are as careless as can be." He made Bunny and Susan go into the kitchen; then he said to Tippy Toes, "Come, get a broom and an apron or two, We'll clean this room, that's what we'll do."

"The automobile is running away!" cried Bunny, and outside they could hear a strange roaring sound amid the patter of the rain. For a moment all was confusion inside the big automobile. Mr. and Mrs. Brown got up and dressed hastily. Bunny and Sue thought little of doing that until Sue, feeling cold around her bare legs, called to her brother: "Wrap yourself up in a blanket, Bunny, like an Indian."

"I don't but it is the prospect of future gain, not the reality of present losses, that has taken me off my poise," she said. "Whom do you suppose I saw at Mrs. Gaster's to-day?" "No detectives, I hope," I replied, paling at the thought. "No, sir," she laughed. "Mrs. Gaster's maid. We must get her, Bunny." "Oh, tush!" I ejaculated. "All this powwow over another woman's maid!"

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