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"If there's law in England," Nicky-Nan threatened, "you'll keep clear o' this here patch o' mine, or it'll be the worse for 'ee!" Corporal Sandercock seated himself leisurably on a hillock of thyme, began to knock out his pipe against the edge of his boot-sole, and suddenly exploded in laughter so violent that he was forced to hold his sides. The exhibition took Nicky-Nan right aback.

Of course you're different from anything I ever saw before, said Jerry. 'I've always thought of nature as the most beautiful thing in the world. Now I seem to be just as sure that art is. "That rather took her aback, but she didn't turn a hair. "'You think all this superfluous? "'Not superfluous, perhaps. Merely artificial. "'Am I artificial? "'Yes, bluntly! 'I don't understand it at all.

The Prophet was considerably taken aback by this tirade, which caused the many ornaments in the pretty room to tremble. He gazed at his grandmother, and found her nodding approval of Sir Tiglath. He glanced at Lady Enid. She was leaning back in her chair and looking amused, like a person at an entertainment. "What do I ask, Sir Tiglath?" he murmured in some confusion.

At first he tried strategy, and Hal, in a good-tempered, careless way, merely listened, while easily avoiding any encounter. Then Dudley went a step too far. "I have to be out three evenings this week, so I asked Doris Hayward to come and keep you company, as I thought you might be dull." "You asked Doris to come and keep me company!" repeated Hal, quite taken aback. "Yes; why not?

We had the advantage, however, as we were running free and could haul our wind at any moment; and this advantage I kept by hauling up on the starboard tack and then heaving in stays with the topsail aback, waiting for the brigantine to close; which she presently did, ranging up within biscuit- toss of our lee quarter.

That took me very much aback, for I had never questioned in my mind that it wasn't Lord Ralles. Yet the moment she spoke, I realized how much alike the two brothers' voices were, and how easily the blurring of distance and planking might have misled me. For a moment I was speechless. Then I replied coldly, "It makes no difference with whom you were. What you said was the essential part."

The Professor asked what it all meant; he was informed that he must consider himself in custody, charged with the murder of Dr. George Parkman. Webster, somewhat taken aback, desired that word should be sent to his family, but was dissuaded from his purpose for the time being.

"And I guess you won't do anything of the kind, Jim Blake, because there isn't a white man in the country that will help you do it." "The devil!" ejaculated Blake, completely taken aback by Dick's coolness. "I guess Dick's about right there, Jim," spoke up another of his men.

Incidentally, señorita, may I venture to point out that you have been addressing me as 'Don Carlos, instead of as 'Señor de Ruiz'? You have been calling me by my Christian name." "That was only because I thought 'Don' was a sort of Spanish equivalent of 'Sir' in English," Myra responded, somewhat taken aback.

I snatched up my own, which I had been using every day to practise at the large iguanas and macaws, and, well protected by my horse, called out as I covered him, 'This is a double-barrelled rifle. If you raise yours I'll drop you where you stand. He was forestalled and taken aback. Probably he meant nothing but bravado. Still, the situation was a critical one.