The further extremity of the place was involved in a profound darkness which could not be dissipated by feeble rays of the lamp. 'Here, said the Dead Man, addressing his prisoner 'you will be kept in confinement for the rest of your life a confinement varied only by different modes of torture which I shall apply to you, from time to time.

As for our lady Secunda she has been so much in the habit of sticking these things about her that they don't very much show off with her!" This joke over, "Our lady Secunda said," she resumed, addressing herself to Pao-yue, "'that to-morrow is your maternal uncle's birthday, and that our mistress, your mother, asked her to tell you to go over.

"Now, lads, we will set up the mast and make sail," said old Tom, after the boat had got some distance from the reef. "You need not be alarmed, marm," he continued, addressing Mrs Hart; "this whale-boat of ours is strong, and will go through twice as much sea as we have now." Old Tom did not over-estimate the good qualities of the boat.

"If monsieur permits," he volunteered to say after the formal questioning was over, "I can throw some light on this catastrophe." "And how so, pray? Did you assist? Were you present? If so, why wait to speak till now?" said the detective, receiving the advance rather coldly. It behooved him to be very much on his guard. "I have had no opportunity till now of addressing any one in authority.

Then addressing the whole Court: "Viziers, and grandees of the realm!" said he to them, "acknowledge as your rightful Sovereign Ben-Hebraim, my only son and assist him in fulfilling with dignity the difficult duties of the throne."

Miss Betsey said, fiercely, addressing herself again to the cat. "No, they may go to destruction their own way. I wash my hands of them. I should have been glad for the little girl, but I can't have her. She will grow up like her mother, marry some fool, have her friend and brother dangling after her, and smuggle dinners and lunches for her children up in the attic. Well, so be it.

The Countess allowed the necessity of the case, and when they resumed their journey, endeavoured to comply with her guide's advice, by addressing herself to a female near her, and expressing her concern for the woman whom they were thus obliged to leave behind them.

Well, my boys, I have a few remaining, and you shall have some if you belong to St. Patrick." "Faith, and it is all as your honour says; we are Irishmen, and we belong to St. Patrick." The old gentleman ordered Joseph to supply them with the "blessed root," without any further parley. Then addressing the speaker in a voice of assumed choler, exclaimed:

It was the firm belief of Douglas that at least one attempt was made to wreck his train. At Montgomery, while addressing a public gathering, he was made the target for nameless missiles. Yet none of these adventures were permitted to find their way into the Northern press. And only his intimates learned of them from his own lips after his return. The news of Mr.

Their talk was interrupted by the entrance of Samuel Barmby, and his elder sister, addressing him without reflection, said wonderingly: 'Sam, did you know that Nancy Lord couldn't pass the examination that Miss. Morgan is going in for? Jessica blushed, and hastened to extenuate this crude statement. 'Oh, I didn't say that.