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I was a good wife to him. I am a respectable woman. You thought I loved him! You did! Look here, Tom—” The sound of this name thrilled Comrade Ossipon with pride. For his name was Alexander, and he was called Tom by arrangement with the most familiar of his intimates. It was a name of friendshipof moments of expansion. He had no idea that she had ever heard it used by anybody.

POINTS OF VIEW. An eminent German philosopher of our day, Hermann Lotze, intimates that there are five phases of human development, and hence five points of view from which the course of history is to be surveyed.

There were plotters of every degree and rank, and they were intriguing with Argyll, and, through Carstares who knew, though he refused a part in the murder plot, were in touch at once with Argyll and the intimates of William of Orange.

They are filled mostly with remarks about current politics, and with arguments going to show that she had better not marry him! At the same time he clearly intimates that he is at her disposition if she is so inclined. At last, feeling that his honor and duty were involved, he made a direct proposal to her, and received an equally direct, kind, and courteous refusal.

All his life he needed this outlet after concentrated mental labour; and sometimes in a friend's drawing-room, if he knew himself to be surrounded only by intimates, he would give full vent to his conversational powers.

He hated to be interrupted while working, and, furthermore, Lady Caroline Byng always got on his nerves, and never more so than when, as now, she speculated on the possibility of a romance between her step-son Reggie and his lordship's daughter Maud. Only his intimates would have recognized in this curious corduroy-trousered figure the seventh Earl of Marshmoreton.

"He was brought up in the desert among Bedouins, and has their stoical endurance with a sort of religious patience added. Gets that maybe from being a descendant of the Prophet." "Awful sort to have to fight, that kind are," said Jeremy. "They wear you down!" "So the French decided some time ago to persuade Feisul's intimates to make a bad break which he couldn't repudiate."

"Only women who are intimate Parisian intimates can cut to the bone like that, with a surgeon's dexterity."

Van Dam among her intimates did not deny herself the luxury of a stout opinion vigorously expressed. "Mrs. Shelby's a fool," asserted the old lady in her positive way to Canon North, "but, after all, one of our own church people and the governor's wife." "Either claim is weighty," smiled North; "tenderness for the family skeleton, respect for the state. United they're irresistible."

"Well, but mark you," said Nigel, "this worthy chevalier keeps not all this good cheer at his own cost, does he?" "No, no," answered Lord Dalgarno; "there is a sort of ceremony which my chevalier's friends and intimates understand, but with which you have no business at present.

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